MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin is Better Than Gold

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Calls Ethereum (ETH) A Security
  • Microstrategy held 129k in bitcoin as of March 31.
  • Michael Saylor said bitcoin is better than gold

In a television interview, Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy and a big supporter of Bitcoin said that “if Bitcoin is not going to zero, then it’s going to a million”. 

He hopefully believes that Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, the native layer-2 payment mechanism, will grow much further to cover large transactions around the world.

Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin Advocacy

The interviewer asked him if his significant bet on bitcoin and all of this flush cash getting whipped out of the system is in a sense leverage and money and bitcoin coming down considerably and just not ever reaching any kind of high particularly lofty height and then he tends to lose quite significantly what will he do?

Michael Saylor said, we don’t see it that way we actually see it the opposite, which is, the big question forever has been the bitcoin is real? If it’s real is it going to be banned?. He said the denier will say this wasn’t real and of course, they are being discredited as the administration congress and regulators embrace bitcoin. 

CEO of MicroStrategy believes that bitcoin is real, it’s better than gold and he stated that 

If Bitcoin is not going to zero, then it’s going to a million.” because BTC is obviously better than gold and everything that gold wants to be. 

Saylor pointed out Janet Yellen’s speech at American University which was held earlier in April. In that speech, she recruited the legend of Satoshi Nakamoto and explained why digital assets are critical to the future united state.

People started realizing this is a real thing, it’s going to be with us and bitcoin is unique. Really there is no network in the world that has its level of adoption or its level of security. 

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