Bitfarms, Bill Miller and Much More, Fight for Acquiring Most BTC Amidst Low Prices

Bitfarms stocks up 1000 more BTC. Bitfarms pose a total of 4300 BTC now. Bill Muller buys BTCs, now 50%

1 week ago 2 mins read

Top 7 Companies That Hold Huge Bitcoin Reserves on Their Balance Sheet

Michael Saylor claimed he was purchasing Bitcoin at $1,000 per second. Galaxy Digital Holdings, a crypto-focused merchant bank, has 16,400

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

MicroStrategy Again Buys Bitcoin (BTC) This December

The company also made a Bitcoin acquisition of $84 million in early December. MicroStrategy’s stock has gained about 30 percent

3 weeks ago 2 mins read

MicroStrategy CEO Explains Massive Bitcoin Reserves Plan

Generating long-term debt in favorable situations. Saylor said that no official actions had been taken. A prominent software company, Microstrategy

1 month ago 2 mins read

Massive Bitcoin HODL Firm MicroStrategy Plans for Lending

It’s no surprise that MicroStrategy is expanding its options. The Bitcoin price today is $46,570.70 USD. MicroStrategy, one of the

1 month ago 2 mins read

Bitcoin (BTC) to Remain Below $60K till 2022

BTC still remains below $60K. Statistics reveal BTC will remain below $60K till end of the year 2021. BTC to

1 month ago 3 mins read

Elon Musk Sells off Tesla Stocks for $1.1B

Elon Musk brings forth more stocks of Tesla for sale. Elon Musk terms he’s in need of cash for paying

2 months ago 2 mins read

7 Billion Dollars Added to Microstrategy’s Stash Last Quarter

Total BTC stash to a valuation of around $7 billion. The software firm has increased its Bitcoin holdings by 198%

3 months ago 3 mins read

Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches Highest Market Cap of $900B

Bitcoin (BTC) reaches overall market cap of above $900 billion. Six weeks highest circulation on September 15. BTC holders are

4 months ago 3 mins read

MicroStrategy Owns 114,042 Bitcoins Totally Worth Of $5 Billion

Even Though many are in a confused state to invest in Bitcoins, some institutional investors are focusing only on BTC.

4 months ago 2 mins read