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MicroStrategy CEO Didn’t Believe BTC Going To Be Currency

Michael Saylor Remains Positive on BTC Despite Market Crash Bitcoin News
  • MicroStrategy CEO didn’t believe BTC going to be currency.
  • He thinks Bitcoin is more like digital property than currency.
  • MicroStrategy continues to buy BTC and has not sold any of the BTC.

The Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Nasdaq-listed business intelligence company MicroStrategy, Michael J. Saylor doesn’t believe that Bitcoin (BTC) going to treated like a currency.

Moreover, he explained why he thinks Bitcoin is more like digital property than currency. On July 15 when he was speaking with Coin Stories podcast with host Natalie Burnell. He was questioned, whether did he thought Bitcoin was a threat to the United States dollar, Michael Saylor answered, “I would call it digital property; it’s a threat to property particularly a threat to other forms of property. Gold is property; real estate is property.” 

Also, he added,

“I don’t think the United States government is threatened by real estate or buildings or companies or gold”.

Accordingly, Michael Saylor’s recent comment about Bitcoin came during an interview with crypto analyst and trader Scott Melker’s “The Wolf of All Streets”. In that, he stated that he doesn’t think that Bitcoin going to be a currency in the U.S. ever. Or should I think about it?

Furthermore, last year August, MicroStrategy announced that it had purchased 21,454 Bitcoins (BTC) worth $250 million to use primary treasury reserve assets. Also, MicroStrategy continues to buy Bitcoin and has not sold any of the Bitcoin it has bought since it started holding last summer.

More so, Saylor said to Burnell that even if Bitcoin (BTC) crashes in a short period. MicroStrategy has no intention to sell and prepared for the volatility occurs that occur in the future.

Henceforth, the CEO of MicroStrategy noted, even more, if the price of Bitcoin were lower than it is today in four years. He would have to reconsider his strategy.

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