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Meta (Facebook) All Set to Launch Twitter Rival ‘Thread’ on July 6

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  • A Meta-launched countdown site suggests that the launch will occur on Thursday.
  • Pre-orders for Threads may now be placed on the Apple App Store ahead of its release.

Only days after Twitter’s “rate limit” occurrence, which temporarily curtailed how many tweets users may view each day, Meta intends to debut its new Twitter competitor, Threads, on July 6. A Meta-launched countdown site suggests that the launching of the platform, which is deeply integrated with the Instagram picture and video-sharing service, will occur on Thursday.

Pre-orders for Threads may now be placed on the Apple App Store ahead of its scheduled release on July 6. Despite a potentially optimal release window, the app doesn’t seem to have received much attention, at least among the crypto enthusiasts of Twitter.

Collection of User Data

Moreover, Data mining, privacy, and the viability of the app in isolation have all been cited as points of concern. Threads app developer Instagram would have access to a vast assortment of user data. Including financial details and IDs, as was noted by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

However, experts who commented on Dorsey’s tweet claim that Twitter has almost the same rights as Threads and gathers identical data. Others have voiced doubts about the app’s viability. Since prior independent apps launched by Meta have been discontinued or had their capabilities incorporated into other products.

Moreover, ActivityPub, the decentralized social networking protocol that drives Twitter competitor Mastodon, will be supported by the standalone Threads app.

Just days after Twitter’s rate limit crisis, which has temporarily limited the number of postings a user may see in a day. Meta is set to debut Threads. The new service will import a user’s Instagram followers and the list of people they are following. Thus, saving them the trouble of starting again.

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