Man Sentenced for Laundering Millions for North Korean Cyber Criminals

Man Sentenced for Laundering Millions for North Korean Cyber Criminals

The guy who laundered millions for cyber thieves worldwide, sentenced to 11 years in prison on Wednesday.

Alaumary, 36, a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, worked with North Korean cyber thieves, stole $1.3 billion in a cybercrime spree suspected, performed on behalf of North Korean intelligence. Furthermore, The Bank of Valletta, a prominent Maltese bank, robbed of $14 million in 2019. The hackers went to Alaumary to convert the funds.

Also, other high-profile money launderers participated, including Nigerian social media personality Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbas. Also, Alaumary was a co-conspirator in the $9.4 million McEwan University heist before collaborating with the North Koreans.

The DOJ explained:

“Alaumary recruited and organized individuals to withdraw stolen cash from ATMs; he provided bank accounts that received funds from bank cyber-heists and fraud schemes; and, once the ill-gotten funds were in accounts he controlled, Alaumary further laundered the funds through wire transfers, cash withdrawals, and by exchanging the funds for cryptocurrency.” 

According to the DOJ, Alaumary and others defrauded the institution into wiring the team millions by representing a construction firm engaged in a significant building project.

Impersonated as a Construction Firm

The second instance includes money from cyber-heists and fraud operations. In 2019, a cyber-heist on a Maltese bank, carried out by North Korea Criminals.

He also got money from Indian and Pakistani banks, US and UK businesses, US individuals, and a UK professional soccer club. Furthermore, Alaumary laundered cash, wire transfers, and cryptocurrency transactions.

Pretending as a rich bank client, he scammed hundreds of thousands of people in Texas by impersonating a construction firm. Alaumary, sentenced to almost 11 years in prison. Moreover, ordered to pay more than $30 million compensation to his victims.

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