LinksDAO Sells $10.5M NFTs for Golf Club Startup

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  • The LinksDAO sells of NFTs totalling tio about $10.5 million.
  • The funds of $10.5 million will be spent on starting a golf club.
  • A total of 9000 NFTs were sold overall.

As crypto plays a part in overtaking the world, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) takes over at a much greater pace. Ever since the NFTs came into play, the sector has been surging up greater with each year. At present, almost all possible sectors in the world are into the NFTs. 

Amidst all, the sports sector is one of the major and oldest attributes owing to a large extent for the NFT industry. In such terms, the latest sport to come into play is the golf sport. 

LinksDAO’s $10.5M for Golf

The LinksDAO is actually a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), focused towards modern and leisure golf. The main aim of the LinksDAO is to create a completely new golf country club. In a bid to raise funds for its ambitious creation of a new golf country club, the LinksDAO has opened up it’s all NFTs upon the world’s largest NFT marketplace, the OpenSea.

The LinksDAO opened up the sale of it’s NFTs, which are all graphical animated images of golf courses. All the prices of these NFTs are in Ethereum (ETH), of various prices. All the NFTs of the LinksDAO are divided into two membership groups, the ‘Leisure Membership’ and the ‘Global Membership’. 

The sale started off, from the start of the year 2022. Till date the LinksDAO claims to have sold off about 9000 NFTs belonging to both the Leisure Membership and the Global Membership. So far the overall sales amounts to about $10.5 million. 

Accordingly, all the proceeds of these NFT sell-offs by the LinksDAO will be towards the development of a unique new golf country club.

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