Intruder to Terra LUNA Founder Do Kwon’s House Arrested

The Terra LUNA and UST  dead down to $0, obviously could be the most highlighted tragedy upon the crypto industry for the year 2022. Many who were rich, came down crumbling. 

The Bitcoin (BTC) being tragically falling below $30K, waved the entire crypto industry too. Both from the stables of Terraform Labs, the LUNA and the so-called stable coin UST dropped down to $0 exactly. This all took place in almost a day or two, completely turning over the crypto market upside down. 

Investors got extreme and put forth serious allegations on LUNA and UST. In spite of this, the nager, the frustrations, and the emotions were high among the investors who have lost millions and millions. 

Likewise, an investor initially being anonymous took the anxiety to a newer height, trying to barge into Terra founder Do Kwon’s house in Seoul, South Korea.

Confessions of Chancers

Initially the anonymous intruder entered the apartment of Terraform Labs founder, Do Kwon. Further, he somehow found the exact flat and knocked on the door. Surprised, the Mrs. Kwon opened the door and so the intruder bounty asked, ‘is your husband home or has he fled’?. 

Soon then the intruder left the apartment. Shaken with fear, the wife then contacted the police, stating there are threats upon her husband’s life. 

Then, the police took into immediate investigation and somehow caught the anonymous intruder. To everyone’s surprise, the intruder was none other than a famous crypto YouTuber, known as ‘Chancers’. 

The police immediately set forth an interrogation, upon which Chancers revealed that he has completely lost his life and is near dead, with all his money flushed by the fall of LUNA. Moreover, he acknowledged that he had now lost $2.4 million due to the crypto crash, specifically his investment of $800,000 on LUNA alone, accounts the majority.

Furthermore, Chancers states that he was in the top 1% of the richest in South Korea and now he’s completely broken by all means. Also, he reveals that the sole purpose of his visit to Do Kwon’s house directly is nothing but to have a talk face to face with him in regards to the future of the LUNA project. 

Chancers so maldy wanted to know the exact mitigation plans Do Kwon is working on right now. In addition, he acknowledges that he has invested so much and so he ought to have proper answers from the founder himself regarding . 

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