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In-depth Review of Prominent Crypto Exchange: MoonXBT

In-depth Review of Prominent Crypto Exchange: MoonXBT Project Review

What is MoonXBT?

MoonXBT is the world’s first social trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The Cayman Islands-based cryptocurrency exchange was established in 2021. The exchange offers its customers a broad range of trading products, allowing them to execute their trading plans effectively with enough liquidity to back them up.


A wide range of investment choices is available at MoonXBT, including spot trading, futures trading, warrant options, perpetual swap, social trading, and more. When compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, MoonXBT offers many options, with more reliability and safety.

Key Info:

More than 60 nations across the globe now have access to MoonXBT services. Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Latin America, Russia, and Japan are just a few nations where the exchange has its functioning base. MoonXBT has gained traction in countries like Vietnam and Turkey after launching contract trading and copy trading in its initial stages. It is now one of Vietnam’s top three cryptocurrency exchanges, and it’s getting better. It also sparked a public uproar in Turkey, where cryptocurrency users are warier of new developments. Daily trading volume has reached two to three hundred million USDT, with over 200,000 users.

MoonXBT Core Features:

Social Trading

MoonXBT, a global social trading platform, exploits the full potential of community trading to its advantage. Furthermore, it promotes social trading services such as its ‘Copy Trading’ tool that allows traders to “copy” other users’ trading moves, meaning that their orders would be automatically executed based on the trader’s approach they follow. Copiers benefit from the time savings and the possibility of improved trading performance.


MoonXBT’s powerful liquidation capability underpins all of the platform’s items. In contract trading, MoonXBT’s liquid contract lets customers invest at most 5000 USDT as a margin and add 150 times the leverage. To prevent market slippage, orders placed by customers are completed in milliseconds, thanks to abundant liquidity. As a result of the abundance of trading volume, the MoonXBT spot has a broad and deep trading range.


In collaboration with asset custodian Fireblocks and security assessment provider CertiK, MoonXBT ensures the safety of its traders’ digital assets. For additional protection, MoonXBT employs the usage of two-factor authentication (2FA) for each transaction.

MoonXBT Products:

3.1 Core: Liquid Contracts

Customers of MoonXBT may trade on an open order book without waiting for other customers’ orders to be completed through the “liquid contracts” feature. The filled order will then be offered to the market, where market volatility and movement may have an impact on the price. They may be terminated at any time before the expiry to provide liquidity and stability.

3.2 Spot Trading

MoonXBT also offers spot trading in addition to a range of crypto trading options. Some of the most prominent digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, Solana, etc., may be purchased here by crypto traders.

3.3 Warrant Options: Low Premium

The warrant option from MoonXBT is a crypto derivative with an easy-to-use interface and a straightforward trading process. Bitcoin/USDT, Ethereum/USDT, and Dogecoin/USDT are presently supported through warrant options on MoonXBT.

3.4 OTC: Work with Xanpool

MoonXBT has completed integration with XanPool. MoonXBT now covers Asia’s fast-growing emerging markets. Over-the-counter trading offered by MoonXBT is peer-to-peer trading that takes place outside the public MoonXBT exchange. It offers a broader range of trading options and greater personal attention to large-scale investors.

3.5 MoonXBT Perpetual Swap

MoonXBT Perpetual Swap integrates linear USDT contracts on the trading platform. With one account, a trader can open multiple positions and all the profits and losses are calculated in USDT.

Furthermore, MoonXBT’s perpetual swap is one-way meaning a trader can either open a long or short position for one contract instead of holding both long and short position for the contract at the same time. This simplifies the risk evaluation and decision making process for traders since they need to only speculate in one way instead of thinking about more complicated hedging strategies. 

In terms of risk management, MoonXBT’s perpetual swap  enables traders to use two different margin modes for trading: cross margin and isolated margin mode. Meanwhile, users of MoonXBT can opt for any tier of margin and leverage as per their requirements. 

Another advantage for users of contracts on MoonBXT is the predictable and minimal trading fees. The contract maker is charged with 0.025% trading fee whereas the taker is charged with  0.071% trading fee.

MoonXBT Social Trading Features

4.1 Copy Trading

Copy trading is an investment option allowing traders to mimic other traders’ trading methods. This has been proven beneficial to beginner traders since it saves time and reduces losses. The copy trading capability is made easy using MoonXBT’s platform.

4.2 Benefits of Copy Trading for Both Copiers and Pro-traders

Expert traders may also benefit from the follower’s successful orders by sharing 10% of their gains with the follower. Just a few exchanges provide a unique copy trading feature similar to MoonXBT.

4.3 Other Social Trading Features: Trading Battle, In-app Forums

Users of the MoonXBT web app may now participate in trading battles where they are placed against other players. A community-funded cryptocurrency reward pool is awarded to the most active users. Individual conflicts may also be created by traders who have more than 10,000 MoonXBT points or at least ten subscribers. The creator of a Trading Battle receives 5% of the overall prize money, which costs USDT 5 to generate. The more money you make, the higher your position in reward distribution.

In-app Forums

The community forum may be accessed using the mobile app. Entering and participating in the forum is free, and you may discuss a wide range of subjects with other members. People can, nevertheless, express their views, ask questions, contribute to the reputation-building efforts of professional traders, and post comments.

 4.4 Pro Trader Program

One of the network’s products, MoonXBT Pro-trader, allows members to earn up to 50% commissions. It also offers VIP customer care assistance, allowing its consumers to withdraw more tokens every month.

User Experience on MoonXBT

5.1 Simple Interface

At a very low entry price, investors may start trading MoonXBT. Anyone in the crypto world may benefit from MoonXBT’s simple-to-use interface.

5.2 24/7 Service

MoonXBT’s customer service team is well-versed and available around the clock. They answer social media queries and give details on the platform’s events, services, products, prices, and promotions. They also answer all forms of doubts from users.

5.3 Multilingual Service

Due to the fact that MoonXBT has users from all over the world, the website is available in many languages. Customers from almost every country will appreciate how simple and enjoyable it is to utilize the services in their own language.

User Engagement on MoonXBT

6.1 New User Bonus

There is a welcome campaign reward of 35 USDT for new traders at MoonXBT. You’ll get 100% of your money back on your first purchase. To get started, for example, deposit 100 USDT into your MoonXBT account and make your first transaction. After completing the transaction, you will get a 100 USDT Trading Bonus as a refund. It is possible to deal in USDT and Trading bonuses simultaneously.

6.2 Referral

There is an affiliate program with MoonXBT. You may make up to 50% commissions on MoonXBT’s trading fees collected by your referrals’ contracts trading via this program. Compared to industry norms, 50% is a competitive level.

6.3 MoonXBT Points (MP)

There are several methods to gain MoonXBT points. You earn 50 MP when you sign up with MoonXBT. Complete KYC verification, and you’ll receive 100 MP, as well. In order to safeguard your account, you must connect either your phone number or email address. This provides you with an additional 100 MP. MoonXBT points are linked to every trading activity. MP can be used to remit the transaction fee and be exchanged for Tether (USDT) as 100MP is equal to 1USDT.

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