Fri, July 12

BTCC Exchange – Your Trusted Partner in the 2024 Bull Market

Introduction What is BTCC Exchange? BTCC is one of the longest-serving cryptocurrency exchanges established in 2011, with its headquarters located in Lithuania, Europe. BTCC Exchange stands out as a seasoned player, boasting a decade-long track record, and has successfully navigated various market conditions, including bullish and bearish periods, without experiencing

April 30, 2024 5 mins read

Zeply Integrates Apple and Google Pay To Bolster Crypto-Purchasing Options

Zeply crypto platform, a Europe-based digital currency exchange and crypto wallet platform, has announced the integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay into its ecosystem. The exchange has added payment options to offer users in most EU countries, the EEA, and the UK a more convenient way to buy crypto.

December 3, 2023 3 mins read

The Online Australian Gambling Market Analysis

The online casino industry has seen a huge boom in recent years, and the Australian gaming market has also seen impressive growth. The industry has been thriving since regulation came into place in 2001 under the Interactive Gambling Act. Our gambling experts have researched the gaming landscape and always strive

November 16, 2023 4 mins read

Is MyBro Legit: An In-Depth Crypto Margin Trading Platform Review

Choosing the right platform to capitalize on the high volatility of digital assets is a pivotal step toward a successful margin trading experience. Despite the saturated market with numerous competitive offers, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze the available options and consider your specific requirements before making a final decision. 

September 1, 2023 5 mins read

XDEFI Integrates With Osmosis, IBC Transfers, and Squid Router, Bringing 30 Blockchains and 10,000+ Assets Into the Cosmos Ecosystem

XDEFI, the leading multi-chain wallet extension offering a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency asset management solutions, has announced its integration with: This represents a significant step towards improving the liquidity flow of the Cosmos ecosystem. What Does This Mean for Users? The integration enables users to bridge any asset supported by

August 14, 2023 2 mins read

How To Make Money Quickly With HappyMiner Cloud Mining Platform

HappyMiner is a cloud mining company that allows individuals to return investment through its cloud mining services. The company is pleased to announce new affordable cloud mining plans. To address the latest innovation, HappyMiner announces new affordable cloud mining plans. It enables individuals to invest in cryptocurrency mining while minimizing

June 1, 2023 3 mins read

Hotbit Exchange Halts Operations and Urge Users To Withdraw Funds

Crypto exchange Hotbit recently made headlines as it announced the temporary suspension of its operations. Moreover, the decision came as a surprise to many users and raised concerns about the safety of their funds. Let’s delve into the reasons behind Hotbit’s decision, and the implications for the broader crypto market.

May 22, 2023 3 mins read

Coinbase’s Cryptic Twitter Countdown Sparks Speculation

Coinbase has set the crypto community abuzz with anticipation after posting a mysterious countdown on its official Twitter account. Added to this, the enigmatic tweet has left users and enthusiasts speculating about the potential significance of this countdown and the implications it may have for the world of digital currencies. 

May 18, 2023 3 mins read