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Huobi to sell world’s most popular IoT crypto miner MXC M2 Pro

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September 11, 2020 – Today, Huobi Global made a strategic move into the crypto mining business, securing a lucrative hardware deal with the MXC Foundation #MXC to sell the highly sought after M2 Pro Miner.

Prior to launch, the MXC Foundation was flooded with orders for their M2 Pro. The miner boasts high-returns, low-power energy consumption, and intuitive operational simplicity. The genius behind the M2 Pro is in its Plug’n’Play set-up, allowing anyone, including mining first-timers, to become hardcore token miners.

This deal is seen as a coup for both parties, with Huobi Global being not only a well-respected token exchange, they also possess an impressive logistics and sales distribution network. Additionally, the agreement is expected to significantly boost the already impressive M2 Pro Miner sales figures even further, projecting IoT and Blockchain to households around the globe.

Operating on a Proof-Of-Participation model, the M2 Pro is a breakthrough in traditional mining, due to its low power requirements. Operating on less than 5 Watts and a minimalistic 10Mbps internet connection, M2 Pro mines 24/7, costing significantly less than it takes to power the common light-bulb.

The listing of the M2 Pro on Huobi will be the first time an IoT Miner has ever been offered on Huobi and only the third time ever, that a hardware Crypto Miner has appeared on the Huobi site (Following Bitcoin & Ethereum Miners respectively).

“This agreement between Huobi Mining Pool and MXC, is an exciting development for all Crypto enthusiasts. Allowing everyone to mine easily is one of the elements that we believe has stood between the “haves” and “have nots” in the Crypto world. With the launch of the M2 Pro Miner together with the Huobi Mining Pool we believe this will boost mining, MXC, and overall increased participation within Crypto”

said Huobi Pool CEO, Fei Cao.

By running an M2 Pro, users broadcast an LPWAN (Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network) Data Network, allowing others to connect sensors and IoT devices to the long-reaching network. This prochess assists MXC as an IoT Token to power their global data network. Currently, the M2 Pro covers a wide vicinity across China and is simultaneously being rolled out across Korea, the USA, Australia, and Germany. With this deal, the MXC M2 Pro Miner is now available for customers worldwide.

“With over 3,800 miners currently in operation and another 21,000+ pre-orders within the first months of operation, the MXC LPWAN data network is set to cover a significant part of the globe as part of this monumental deal,” said MXC Co-Founder, Aaron Wagener. “By working together with Huobi Pool we believe the MXC M2 Pro Miner will get in the hands of a wider, main-stream market, essentially, introducing token mining to many people for the very first time, that’s good news for MXC, good news for IoT Tokens, and good news for the global crypto community as a whole.”

– Fei Cao, Chief Executive Officer of Huobi Pool and Aaron Wagener, MXC Co-Founder

The MXC M2 Pro Miner is available now, via Huobi Pool, or direct from the German developer, MatchX.io. The future for MXC and the massive boost to their ongoing revenue is expected to see the MXC token secure a prime position amongst IoT tokens for many years to come.

About MXC Foundation

Based in Berlin, Germany, the MXC Foundation is a purpose-built IoT Foundation with the mission to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN, Blockchain, and Token technology. The MXC Foundation is pairing “MXC” – the pioneer IoT cryptocurrency– with advanced LPWAN technology, developing the next, vital step in the fourth industrial revolution, enabling secure, vastly scalable, lightning-fast transactions. Learn more at: www.mxc.org. To purchase your M2 Pro visit Match x or Huobi.com.

For further information, media requests, or comment, please MXC can be contacted directly at hello@mxc.org or via the www.mxc.org website.

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