Hunt For More Associates of $95M BTC Finiko Ponzi

Hunt For More Associates of $95M BTC Finiko Ponzi
  • Russia issues arrest warrants for 3 more associates linked with Finiko ponzi.
  • All wanted associates suspected to be hiding in foreign nations.
  • Suspects to be hiding majorly in Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

The Finiko ponzi scam has created such a hustle and bustle upon the nation, such that Russia is constantly in pursuit to nab all responsible and accountable for it. In spite of this, just a few days back the Russian police arrested Ilgiz Shakirov, the vice president of  Finiko, in Tatarstan.

Despite the arrest of the vice president of the fraudulent scheme, the Russian government is constantly in pursuit of all the associates in relation and responsibility. 

Accordingly, the jurisdiction of Tatarstan has officially granted arrest warrants for three prime members and associates of Finiko. Also, previously the Supreme court of Tatarstan has denied the appeals against the arrest warrant of these three associates.

The Three Wanted

Furthermore, the three associates who are now wanted are, Marat Sabirov, Edward Sabirov and Zygmunt Zygmuntovich. These three are said to be close associates and in direct link with the mastermind criminal founder of Finiko, Kiril Doronin. Also, it’s well known that Kiril Doronin was arrested in the month of July, 2021.

Moreover, the three convicts are said to have fled to foreign nations, out of Russia. In addition, upon further investigations, the three convicts are suspected to be at present in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Georgia respectively. 

However, the Russian police are extremely keen on hunting down and arresting all the three. Also, at present their primary target is said to be Zygmunt Zygmuntovich. This is because he’s the right hand and closest associate to Doronin.

Crypto Scam History of Russia

As each day passes, the value of money being scammed upon the crypto industry is obviously on the rise. And so, Russia proves to be one of the topping nations in this list. 

Accordingly, recent data shows that this Finiko ponzi is one of the most profuse and large crypto scams in Russia

Besides, apart from Russians, many other nationals have also invested and lost their assets upon the Finiko ponzi scam. This includes investors from countries neighboring and overseas, like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Hungary , Austria and the U.S.

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