Hublot Swiss Luxury Watchmaker to Accept BTC and Crypto Payments

Hublot Swiss Luxury Watchmaker to Accept BTC and Crypto Payments
  • Hublot launches new limited edition ‘Big Bang Unico Grey’ luxury watches. 
  • Only 200 units to be available exclusively on
  • Payments could be made by crypto and BTC via BitPay.

Hublot, the Swiss watch makers with a renowned heritage, launches their new limited edition luxury watch. This could be now purchased using crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) via the crypto payment platform BitPay. 

The Swiss watchmaker has announced that only 200 units will ever be sold. Also, these 200 units of the ‘Big Bang Unico Grey’ will be available exclusively only upon Hublot’s e-commerce platform, To be more specific, this limited edition watch will be available only on the Hublot United States e-Boutique platform. 

The price of this ‘Big Bang Unico Grey’ is said to be around 27,200 Euro. This approximates to about $21,800. Currently, BTC is being traded for the price of $21,265. In this case, one could purchase Hublot’s ‘Big Bang Unico Grey’ for about a little more than 1 BTC, according to the current price of BTC. 

Luxury Brands and BTC

Hublot surely is noty the first luxury brand to accept crypto and BTC payments. Most renowned luxury brands have started adopting crypto payments, specifically BTC way long back. This includes Gucci, Balenciaga, Farfetch, and much more.

Accordingly, Hublot’s competitor from the same stables of Switzerland, Tag Heuer has also announced that it will also commence the acceptance of BTC payments upon its online platform.

The main stream for all such brands to accept BTC payments goes to the numerous crypto and BTC payment firms and platforms like BitPay. Seems, they strike upon a deal with such luxury brands, promoting their payment system, as well as BTC.

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