BitPay Incorporates Lightning Network Into Immediate Effect!

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  • BitPay integrates Lightning Network into it. 
  • All Lightning Network based Apps and wallets could now pay through BitPay.
  • More efficient, faster and cheaper will be the BTC transactions.

Actually, this has been quite a long expectation. News started to spread way before regarding the merging and partnership of BitPay together with the Lightning Network. There’s absolutely no doubt or hesitation for the oldest and biggest BTC payment mode, the BitPay for incorporating the Lightning Network into it. 

Moreover, with the onset of the news officially, BitPay states out that this will be into immediate effect. And so, now all sorts of Lightning Network enabled apps and wallets could now pay through BitPay, for Bitcoin (BTC) payments. 

The Enlightenment 

BitPay started around the year 201, still is one of the oldest and biggest BTC payment services available on a large scale till date. With a step to maintain their dignity as the same towards the future among rising competition, BitPay has now made a bold and best wise decision ever on incorporating the Lightning Network into it. 

This will now enable BitPay merchants and those looking forward to paying in BTC, to make their payments extremely faster, efficiently and at more cheaper prices.

 Accordingly, BitPay officially states that BitPay users could now receive payments through many apps and wallets such as Cash App and Strike and much more. All those wallets and Apps based on the Lightning Network could now pay through BitPay. 

One of the major advantages of the Lightning Network is that being a Layer 2 Protocol, the transactions will be made faster and cheaper at the same time. 

In spite of all this, many business people, merchants and commercial traders state that this will indeed promote the wider usage of BTC and BTC payments evidently. Apart from direct trade, online payments at the same time follow the same principles too through BitPay. 

Already being the giant in their sector, incorporating the Lightning Network support will now propel BitPay to be the most significant and largest BTC payment mode ever.

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