Harmony (ONE) Hits ATH $0.319, Predicted $4 to $5 Soon!

Harmony Ecosystem Grows Adding New Projects
  • Harmony (ONE) strikes its ATH, reaching $0.319.
  • Analysts predict ONE of reaching $4 to $5.
  • ONE to remain in the bullish trend for a prolonged period. 

The month of October could be termed as the crypto month of the year 2021. Many more and more altcoins are making their way, surging up and reaching their all-time-high (ATH). Moreover, even Bitcoin (BTC) witnessed its ATH of $64k a few days back. 

With such a prospering time, another prominent altcoin to join the league is the Harmony (ONE). A few hours back from the time of writing Harmony (ONE) touched its ATH of $0.319. T

his ATH of ONE took the entire crypto industry in complete amazement and satisfaction, as ever since the surge of ONE took place it was predicted to reach its ATH soon.

ONE’s ATH of $0.0319

Harmony (ONE) is highly celebrated throughout the crypto industry, as the ATH touchdown of ONE was expected highly in terms of previous predictions. In spite of this, the first surge of ONE started about 30 days back, remarking the predictions of reaching above $0.3. 

Accordingly, in a span of 30 days exactly, ONE touched its ATH of $0.3198. In addition, this accounts to an overall gain of 90% over the past 30 days. 

Moreover, many analysts came and started to put forth their predictions for the ONE. Also, this bullish trend of ONE is expected to be steady for a longer time period.  

Predictions of $4 to $5

In spite of this, the prominent crypto trader WSB Crypto Mod, took this to Twitter. Upon the tweet, WSB Crypto Mod terms that Harmony (ONE) is one of the most favourite projects in terms of altcoins investments for the long run. 

Moreover, WSB Crypto Mod adds that the charts and graphs denote a solid growth ahead for Harmony. Accordingly, it has broken out the H&S pattern as highly expected. 

In addition to this, WSB Crypto Mod depicts that ONE will be reaching whopping prices ranging between $4 to $5 in a certain time. Also, this is said to be the next target for Harmony (ONE). 

Besides, at the time of writing, ONE is priced at $0.30, with the graphs rising up of gains of 11% for the past 24 hours.

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