H.E.R. DAO Sponsors Women for ETH Denver, With Harmony One

H.E.R. DAO Sponsors Women for ETHDenver Partnering With Harmony One
  • H.E.R DAO is collaborating with Harmony Protocol
  • The Womxn sponsors for women to attend ETH Denver event. 
  • H.E.R DAO takes over the Travel Scholarships for women developers and creators. 

As an Interesting concept, H.E.R DAO is a women centric led developer DAO also called as Womxn, championing innovation and diversity. To be honest, the company identifies self-developing women, trans women and non- binary audiences. 

Thus, the H.E.R DAO community partners with Harmony One to sponsor travel for women developers and creators to participate in the ETH Denver event. To add more, the biggest Ethereum event will be organized from 11th Feb 2022 to 20th Feb 2022. 

Moreover, the women developers are lucky to earn rewards by registering the scholarship form of H.E.R DAO for ETH Denver. The recipients will be eligible to earn crypto, i.e 3600 $ONE for completing the bounty. 

H.E.R DAO’s  Travel Scholarships

Further, the main aim of the H.E.R DAO team is to diversify the blockchain ecosystem. Thereby in turn it will lead to more versatile, creative performances and growth in revenue scale. More so, the Womxn is undergoing many challenges, construction of its infrastructure and the culture remains inadequate in its ecosystem. 

Through this, the company faces negative effects in all aspects. Thus, to fix these gaps, H.E.R DAO aims to pave the way for womxn’s access to the Harmony network developing a diversity among its users. And now, HER DAO is joining with Harmony One Protocol ecosystem to support its women members taking part in the ETHDenver.  

Moreover, ETHDenver 2022 is the world’s largest Web 3 community gathering, where people are connected to experience the decentralized future starting from Feb 11-20, 2022. Thus, as the launch of a great event takes place, it is celebrated as the “Year of the Buffigwei.”

Thus, the recipients will claim crypto rewards of 3600 $ONE after successful verification and completion of H.E.R DAO tasks. In addition with $500K+ in prizes and bounties along with $2M+ in grant and investment opportunities. 

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