Finder’s Team Predicts LTC Surpassing $266 by 2021 End

Litecoin (LTC) Breaks Downtrend & Surged to 6 Months-High

These days it’s a common thing that could be found in all startup and renowned crypto websites and blogs, where skeptics put forth their analysis and predictions. However, many of these are to be fake and just promoted and published just for the sake of increasing their website traffic. In spite of this, the most renowned comparison website firm, the Finder has deployed a special team consisting of many experts to bring forth their views upon major crypto players in the market. 

LTC Reaching $266 Year-End  

The Finder website is not just any other comparison website. They have [proved themselves and established themselves as innovative leaders in their industry. Also, they are recognized all over the world for their intense research and depiction of what’s the best for the users. In addition, they extend their services to many sectors like finance, insurance, banking, and now also the crypto industry too.

In spite of this, the Finder firm has come up with a special team of about 42 members. Also, all these 42 members are said to be proficient and dedicated crypto market analysts and predictors. In addition, all these 42 members are from the Financial Technology (Fintech) specialists. 

Furthermore, the team profusely started their research upon numerous cryptocurrencies, upon which one particular altcoin got everyone’s attention. Also, the major highlight is that this prediction is for this year’s end, adding fuel to the fire!

 Accordingly, the team summed up that Litecoin (LTC) will be reaching its all-time high of $266 by the end of 2021. In addition, it will be spiking up in two digits to about nearly 40% in the few remaining months for the year 2021. 

The Team’s Mixed Views

Despite the team’s overall finalized prediction for LTC, many of the team members do speculate in a different manner. Besides, not all agree upon LTC’s predicted price.

In spite of this, a senior professor from the University of Canberra, John Hawkins says LTC will be only reaching $80. Also, he justifies that the LTC’s media performance is so low and has no sort of advantage over Bitcoin (BTC). 

Furthermore, the CEO of Allnodes, Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky depicts that LTC will be reaching around $180 by the end of 2021 and $300 by the end of 2025. 

Besides, the team has put forth predictions for other cryptos like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH). Accordingly, they predict the DOGE of reaching $1.21 by 2025 and also $3.60 by the end of 2030. In addition, the ETH is speculated to reach about $4500 by the end of 2021 and $18000 by the end of 2025. 

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