Famed Japanese Soccer Player Keisuke Launches KSK Honda Coin

Famed Japanese Soccer Player Keisuke Launches KSK Honda Coin

KSK Honda Coin was launched by soccer star Keisuke Honda through a blockchain platform Rally.io to allow fans with coins to interact with Honda.

Rally.io is a blockchain platform for creators building businesses and provides engagement between creators and the fans. Creators can issue their own cryptocurrency on this platform. Moreover, Keisuke Honda is a former Japan midfielder and presently a captain of the Brazilian professional league team Botafogo. 

Keisuke said,

I decided to create my social token to build new connections with my most loyal fans…This is a new type of innovative ‘fan club’ that I will be experimenting with. With Rally so that my fans can benefit and be connected anywhere in the world.

KSK Honda coin holders will be able to get videos that Honda updates. In addition, interaction with Honda through Discord’s private chat. Honda explained on Youtube that “We decided to create a social token to build new connections with our most loyal fans.” 

Recently, Zenit St. Petersburg, a top soccer club in Russia’s Premier League signed on to the blockchain-based gaming platform Sorare. To issue collectible and tradeable digital cards on October 15. 

Through the crypto trading platform StormGain, Italian professional sports club SS Lazio signed a multiyear deal, enabling new fan engagement options through crypto in September 2020. However,  the world-wide soccer community is moving deeper into the crypto and blockchain space. In search of new ways of connecting stars with their fans.

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