Exeedme Price Surges Over 110% In a Week

Exeedme Price Surges Over 110% In a Week
  • Exeedme price surges over 110% in a week.
  • Exeedme and its token XED, raised on Polkastarter.
  • Exeedme extended its liquidity program to PancakeSwap.

The gaming industry has grown from being simply focused on entrainment. Exeedme (XED), one of the blockchain gaming platforms recently facing tremendous price growth. Exeedme price surges over 110% in a week

Exeedme is a fair and trusted Play2Earn gaming platform, built on top of the blockchain. Where gamers can play the same games they already play while also including ways of earning cryptocurrency in the process. Players can also earn the XED token by engaging with the platform and other players.

Furthermore, Exeedme and its token XED raised on Polkastarter and aim to migrate to the Polkadot blockchain at the end of Q4 2021. XED token will play an integral part in the Exeedme gaming ecosystem.

Current Market Status Of XED

At the time of writing, the trading price of XED is $0.5889 with a trading volume of $628,609 in the last 24-hours. According to Coinmarketcap, XED has surged to 8.37% in a day and over 110% in the last 7days. The current circulating supply 64,367,999.00 XED coins.

XED Price Chart (Source: CoinMarketCap)

The above chart shows the bullish signal of XED. XED continues to grow, overtaking all other cryptocurrencies with its gaming concept. If the gaming platform seeks more attention then Exeedme will become one of the fastest-growing platforms.

Exeedme Extending Liquidity Program to Pancakeswap

Recently, Exeedme extended the liquidity program to PancakeSwap. Liquidity providers on PancakeSwap will be able to access a monthly rewards pool of 60,000 $XED before this was only accessible for Uniswap LPs.

And the recent upgrades and updates on the Exeedme platform might be the reason for the price surge of XED. Also, traders can expect more surges in the coming days.

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