Ethereum Would Reap to Its Peak in 2 Years; While ADA Will Be Next

Ethereum Would Reap to Its Peak in 2 Years; While ADA Will Be Next

The crypto market has almost recovered from its bearish trend. Ethereum, being the second-largest cryptocurrency, follows Bitcoin’s suit. Many large entities have now turned towards Ethereum as this coin seems to be the most promising token in the industry. On a bigger scale, companies are adopting ETH believing that it will be a valuable asset in the future.

On the contrary, Bitcoin is unaffordable for non-wealthy or unpopular investors to invest in, whereas ETH is. Furthermore, it is a digital asset that is expected to skyrocket in the coming years, so ETH attracts more investors.

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has anticipated a bullish future for Ethereum, in an interview for Bloomberg. According to him, Ethereum will continue this impeccable growth and would reach its peak within 2 years. He describes the ETH will taste a huge success but not only because of the development in technology, but it would also be of the support of Vitalik

Significantly, Vitalik’s youth and wealth would play a major part in ETH’s success. Moreover, the support from large entities and many people’s investments would be beneficial for the evolution of the platform. This will lead ETH to present the bullish uptrend momentum in its price chart for the upcoming years.

Cardano’s Ongoing Project

Hoskinson says that Cardano is also progressive to be the next to reach new heights within years. He also discussed Cardano’s ongoing project in Ethiopia, which aims to create a blockchain-based national ID and achievement tracking system for five million students.

He explains that the project is already a success with more than 1 million users on-board. Consequently, Cardano intends to expand along through Ethiopia’s entire ID system:

“Our intention is to compete for the entire national ID system, which has approximately 110 million people”

Significantly, Cardano’s ADA token has risen sevenfold this year, making it the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market value. Fueling about the merits of a rally that has outperformed blockchain foundational pillars such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Will Cardano Be The Next Mainstream Cryptocurrency?

Despite the fact that Ethereum will have a bullish trend in the future, according to Hoskinson, he never gives-up on Cardano’s development. He praises Cardano as the better blockchain solution in the industry for the past few months.

Accordingly, he has figured out some comparisons between Ethereum and Cardano concluding Cardano is better. The first and foremost reason is that Ethereum can only process smart-contracts, whereas Cardano can do so while providing governance and compliance.

However, he had expressed that Ethereum’s structure is confusing. Meanwhile, the upcoming ETH 2.0 will result in the standard of the network. In all ways, Hoskinson states that Cardano will reach new heights with its ongoing developments in the network. Furthermore, ADA has the strong potential of reaching its peak and breaking into the mainstream cryptocurrency market in no-time.

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