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Ethereum Blockchain Fans Begin To Support Ethiopia

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  • Ethereum Blockchain fans begin to support Ethiopia
  • Twitter added the Ethiopia flag to the hashtag ETH.
  • The founder of Twitter Dorsey also posted the hashtag in a tweet.

The second-largest blockchain platform, Ethereum members started to show their support for the African nation Ethiopia country after the Twitter post added national flag emojis for every team who going to participate at the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics. One of the social media platforms Twitter added the Ethiopia flag to the hashtag ETH. Which coincides with the name Ethereum blockchain’s native currency.

Accordingly, speedily Ethereum fans adopted the hashtag and united in exhibiting support for Ethiopia country. Many retweeted the Twitter post, similar to how Bitcoiners and other crypto believers unitedly adopted laser eyes on their Twitter avatars at the beginning of this year.

Moreover, when the flag surfaced on Twitter, EthiopiaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization centered around Ethiopia and blockchain education has created. One of the members of the EthiopiaDAO stated, “While there isn’t a clear vision how EthiopiaDAO can help today. We have the tools and know-how to coordinate capital globally toward whatever we decide to put out efforts towards.”

Even more many community members have given their opinion on supporting the country in other ways. The director of operations at Ethereum Name Service, Branty Millegan, contacted Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give an opinion for sponsoring the country in the Tokyo Olympics.

At the same time, co-founder of the Ethereum wallet rainbow, Mike Demarais has shared the same proposal and suggested that Ethereum could copy or paste El Salvador start but for Vitalik coin.

Hence more, the founder of Twitter and Square also longtime Bitcoin evangelist, Jack Dorsey posted the hashtag in a tweet.

More so, the official Olympics Twitter account has replied to Jack Dorsey’s post to say it was greater to see him and the crypto community supporting Ethiopia’s athletes.

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