Embrace! Cardano Smart Contract ‘Plutus’ on Mainnet Is Here!

Embrace! Cardano Smart Contract ‘Plutus’ on Mainnet Is Here!

Cardano (ADA) needs no further introduction I hope so, being the third in line to the overall cryptocurrency rankings next to Ethereum (ETH). The Cardano (ADA) has evolved itself all thanks to its profuse blockchain protocol platform. In terms of its efficiency and ability to support almost all sorts of blockchain attributes upon its platform, cardano is just one step away from beating the Ethereum blockchain. In spite of all this, the much awaited cardano smart contract launch, the ‘Plutus’ on its mainnet is finally here!

The Launch of Plutus

This year’s most anticipated smart contract launch is the cardano smart contract launch. Ever since the announcement of the news and rumors’ regarding it, the whole crypto industry has been looking forward impatiently for any updates regarding its launch. Accordingly, the Input-Output Global (IOG) under which the cardano blockchain platform comes, finally brought out the news a few hours back. 

In spite of this, the IOG announced it officially through a tweet upon its official twitter page. In addition, upon the tweet, IOG reveals that the much anticipated cardano smart contract launch will take place on September 12, 2021. Also, the cardano smart contract will be completely upon cardano’s own blockchain platform. 

Moreover, this is the third avatar and third evolution update for the cardano blockchain platform in establishing even more epic smart contracts. This hard fork is termed as the ‘Alonzo’.

Besides, the IOG terms this Alonzo Hard Fork Combinator as the most revolutionary upgrade with well established concrete foundations for providing smart contracts based on Cradano. In addition, the ‘Plutus’ will be the first cardano smart contract on the Alonzo HFC.

The launch of Cardano’s very own smart contract platform with its latest upgraded Alonzo HFC, has triggered attention for the whole crypto industry eying on it. 

Speculations on ‘Plutus’

As much as the wait for the Plutus was eager, equally certain speculators started taking on Plutus defaming it technically. Accordingly, many crypto analysts speculate that Cardano will not be able to withstand such transactions which take place commonly on all smart contracts. 

In spite of this, many crypto enthusiasts took such views on most of the social medias profusely. On the other hand, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hopkins justifies that the Plutus will not be as per the speculations.

 Also, he adds such negative criticisms will not affect the Plutus. And so, Plutus will be the solid answer against all such rumors’ and speculations raised on it, fights back Charles Hopkins. 

Moreover, the IOG also defends terming and pointing out the positives of its latest blockchain platform, the Upspent Transactions Output (UTxO).  

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