Elon Musk Degrades Doge and Crypto

Elon Musk Degrades Doge and Crypto

Speculations are immensely on the rise for the past few hours buzzing throughout the crypto world. He goes by many names, ‘The Tech Billionaire’, ‘The Owner of SpaceX’, ‘The CEO of Tesla’, ‘The Real World Iron-man’, and to his last title which he got recently, ‘The DogeFather’, and he’s Elon Musk. With regards to his last title, Elon tweets just hours before.

Elon tweets this on Friday morning, May 7th, exactly one day before the most anticipated SNL for the Crypto World. NBC’s SNL on May 8th features Elon Musk as the host. Ever since this announcement regarding that, he will be the host for the forthcoming SNL, which he himself tweeted on April 28th, created enormous hustle and bustle throughout the crypto industry. 

Now his latest tweet has puzzled the entire crypto community even more than his previous tweet. From the tweets, it’s evident both are radical and are in contrary to each other. Such diverse discrepancy left the crypto geeks in immense bewilderment. 

On Elon’s May 7th Tweet:

This radical tweet claimed many speculations on many differences. Such a warning statement regarding cryptocurrency from Elon is not new. If you could observe the tweet Elon also linked his previous TMZ interview video of February. In this interview too Elon said it is not advisable for an investor to invest his entire life savings into cryptocurrency. 

He further adds people could try their luck and speculate on cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency could be the future of currency all over the world, but then people will faze like which one would it be? At the same time he insists there may be many one as the future currency but whatsoever it’s all up to a speculations view. 

Everyone were eager and expecting  to hear all positives from Elon regarding the Doge and the overall Cryptocurrency on the SNL, but no one expected such a radical tweet just hours before the SNL. This tweet is for sure to bring bulls and bears to the Doge chart.

Overlook on Doge: 

After Elon’s tweet on April 28th, the price of Doge shot up from $0.265 all the way straight to $0.737 within a span of just 7 days. The graph moved towards the y-axis constantly and drastically. For the past two days, it remained in the zone of $0.72 to $0.69 profusely. 

Once after his Friday morning tweet, the price of Doge slumped way down to $0.619, making it the lowest for the day. After this point, many started to sell their Doge, and now it remains to fluctuate between $0.645 to $0.672 till now.

No wonder how Elon got his title ‘The DogeFather’! A simple constructive tweet of his gets the Doge rocketing up to the moon and a gloomy tweet pulls it completely down.

All the crypto crowd who were anxiously waiting for the SNL hoping to hear something efficacious on it from the DogeFather. But now all are on the verge of their seats puzzled, perplexed and embezzled on what they would be hearing either optimistic or pessimistic comments from him within a few hours. All those who looked forward only towards positive prospects have now made up their minds to take in both yin and yang from him. 

The wait is not much, and the mystery would be revealed in just a matter of a couple hours! 

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