: World’s First ECO Fair Trade Project with asset backed CashewF coins!

The EcoCashew Team is Proud and Happy to announce the World’s First Crypto project that is both ECO as well as Fair Trade! With Distribution of the Asset backed CashewF tokens it aims to engage with the Eco Friendly Community as well as Fair Trade supporters giving them the opportunity to help fund the project and benefit from it as well. CashewF is a Cardano Native Crypto Token.

Fair Trade

To really help the farmers build up a dignified life we need to pay better prices for the harvest, to be able to do that you could find a way to cut costs in the complete cashew processing or need to find a cashew buyer willing to pay a better price for Fair Trade Cashew’s, EcoCashew’s team has managed to secure both! 1) a 90% transport cost reduction and a 2) Fair Trade Cashew buyer for the complete year production of the Cashew Processing Factory.


EcoCashew has chosen for Crypto Community Funding instead of the Classic Funding model because the classic model would only provide funding if maximum yields would be guaranteed that would eventually destroy our Fair Trade Goals. That is why EcoCashew has chosen the Crypto Community approach which also enables Fair Trade Prices for Cashew Farmers and still achieves a healthy return on the Asset backed CashewF tokens for their holders.

Eco Blockchain

EcoCashew has chosen to create it’s CashewF token on one of the most ECO friendly Blockchains available, CARDANO. One of the fastest growing economic freedom platforms in the #crypto #blockchain space.

The EcoCashew team is convinced the Cardano Community has a warm heart for both ECO as well as Fair Trade projects as they have shown their support for such purposeful projects in the past.

To reach the first step in the project it will sell 7 of the total of 10 million CashewF tokens that will also bring holders of 1000 or more CashewF tokens a nice return of 1% per month. Currently CashewF is not listed on an exchange yet but the team is working hard to make this happen in the near future. More on this topic you will find in the whitepaper and in the tokenomics of CashewF. Get your CashewF with ADA here

Cardano Community

To inform more people and engage with the Cardano Crypto Community a select number of Single Pool Operators have been chosen to join our ranks. They trust and support our goal and support our Global Eco and Fair Trade Goals 

These Stake Pools will participate in the CashewF Airdrop:

The airdrop will be available for people who stake their ADA in these Pools during 7 Epochs from Epoch 350 until 356.

50.000 CashewF tokens 0,5% of the 10 million Tokens each Epoch will be available for airdrop to all the Delegators in these Pools. 350.000 CashewF in total over the course of seven epochs. Join them today and you will be eligible to receive your CashewF claiming through the Vending Machine

Supporting Eco and Fair Trade in one single project

Never before you have been given the opportunity in the Crypto World to support both ECO as well as Fair Trade in one single project. Very efficient, effective but also Humane, meaningful and purposeful.

Please join us and secure your CashewF on this page, you can already support from 4 ADA here.

Social Media, Learn and support

Of course you can also learn more about the EcoCashew Project or support us by sharing our message, liking our progress and articles about this unique EcoCashew Project.

These are our Social Media Channels where you can find and support us:

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