‘Dune’ NFT Collectibles Falls Out Due to ETH Environmental Impact

‘Dune’ NFT Collectibles Falls Out Due to ETH Environmental Impact

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the recent trend which is gaining huge response with more popularity in the marketplace. It is quickly attracting more users and has become a more admired crypto token. At present NFTs huge fan bases are digital artists, gaming companies, and crypto investors. 

Legendary Pictures Productions is now releasing the unique NFT collectibles on its new futuristic film. The title of the movie is “Dune”, a blockbuster film produced in partnership with MakersPlace at the end of September. Moreover, the production partners will present an official Dune NFT collection of digital artifacts. These digital characters are inspired by the rich world of Denis Villeneuve’s highly futuristic film. 

Iconic Digital Sculptures

Dune’s most iconic characters are crafted depicting all the stars in the movie, grabbing the viewers attention. Every digital sculpture is with a unique design with a special limited-edition piece of artwork.  Also the exciting concept of Dune: Future Artifacts will continue to thrill the entire digital museum. 

Besides these digital artifacts are planned to be sold in Ethereum blockchain where the NFTs acts as a purchasing receipt for those items. So, Legendary and MakersPlace are planning to sell those digital film characters as NFTs minting on ETH platform. However, due to the Ethereum environmental impact resulted in negative responses from ‘Dune’ fans club. 

Dune’ NFT Launch

In addition, the NFT collection is about to launch on September 22nd, 2021 with even more exciting artifacts to be released in October. And this, increases huge hype among the Dune fans for legendary masterpiece. Also, the entire Legendary production team is happy that these digital collections are set to present new NFT space.  

The Executive Vice President of Legendary Entertainment, James Ngo shares, 

We are thrilled to create a new collectible experience for the fandom by using exclusive assets. As it is taken directly from the film to give enthusiasts a whole new way to not only acquire film memorabilia but also further immerse themselves into the world of Dune.”

However, the entire Dune team is excited about the NFT launch, but also concerned about the negative feedback from fans. As NFTs are growing huge beyond Ethereum blockchain, the present ETH environment is unsupportive. But, Ethereum’s upgrading version of ETH 2.0 will present the blockchain platform more efficiently with a proof-of-stake model. Thus, it will produce innovative results performing safer and simple transactions.

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