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Dubai Police Retrieves 4,000 Lost Passport Certificates Using Blockchain

Dubai Police Retrieves 4,000 Lost Passport Certificates Using Blockchain Blockchain News

The Dubai Police always act smart and finds out solutions for all rising cases in its place. Since it is a federal government, the rules and regulations are made by their own Ministry. As such, whatever the case may be, the police authorities are always supportive for its people to sort the issue. 

Likewise, the Dubai police used a smarter way to find lost passport certificates through the blockchain technology. As a note, the police have issued 3,991 lost passport certificates since February through this decentralized system. 

Innovative Technology

Similar to other smart cities, Dubai is also trying to improve the lives of their citizens and visitors through technology. Now the strategic and innovative idea used to retrieve all the lost passports is through blockchain technology. This blockchain platform maintains a strong link between Dubai police with the court and with Dubai Public prosecution, General Directorate of Residency and with International affairs. 

Earlier, the applicants who lost their passports have to sign up for a long procedure which consumes a huge amount of time. They have to visit the respective firm within 4 working days before receiving the certificate. Thus, the applicants must process through eight different steps to obtain the lost certificate.

Now, all the stressful steps and processes are omitted and the applicant is eligible to receive the certificate via email system. Besides, this blockchain platform reduces the time and helps the applicants to receive their certificates in just three steps in the fastest way.

The Director General of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi shares,

“Customers can apply for a lost passport certificate through Dubai Police portal, smart app or via a Smart Police Station (SPS). Alternatively, they can avail the service through the Blockchain-enabled service channels interlinked to Dubai legal affairs.”

Dubai and Blockchain Services

One of the popular emirates of UAE is Dubai. The Dubai city always welcomes its visitors with more surprising things through its technology and services. Moreover, Dubai is building to serve the reality to enhance the lives of its citizens and travelers.

In June, a UK blockchain startup, ObjectTech agreed to a deal with Dubai to bring in customers passport-free arrivals at Dubai airport. The main focus of the startup is to simplify the customers process of entering the country via blockchain tech. Further, the firm works closely with the country’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) to execute the project. 

Thus, Dubai is stepping forward into the world of blockchain and technology. It aims to offer its people keen services through digital platforms which save time, effort, and resources.

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