Donald Trump’s NFT Collections Price Plunges as Hype Fades

  • Trump launched the collection on December 15 minting a total of 45,000 NFTs.
  • At the time of launch, one NFT was priced at $99, or 0.083 ETH at this point.

Donald Trump’s stockpile of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) keeps plunging. The floor price of Trump Digital Trading Cards, a set of NFTs created by the former President of the United States, fell from 0.84 Ethereum (ETH) ten days ago to 0.16 ETH, a loss of 80%.

According to OpenSea statistics, 15,115 owners together own 45,000 NFTs. This is a unique owner rate of 34%. Trump launched the NFTs collection on December 15; throughout the sweepstakes time, he was able to mint a total of 45,000. At the time of launch, one NFT was priced at $99, or 0.083 ETH at this point.

Portrayal in Heroic Light

Donald Trump’s first official NFT collection caused a stir in the crypto community and on social media late last week. As prices and trading volume rose over the weekend, however, the excitement around the initiative of the ex-president of the United States seems to be fading.

Some days after its release, the NFT line began to see a decline in its floor price and was met with harsh criticism for issues including internal minting, licensing mistakes, and claimed design copying. 1,000 NFTs were created, with 68 of them being very rare. However, Trump continued saying that he had no idea how digital art was made until releasing the NFTs that portrayed him in a heroic light.

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