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Doja Cat’s Account Compromised in Solana Memecoin Scam

Famous Rapper Doja Cat's Account Compromised in Solana Memecoin Scam Market News
  • Doja Cat’s Twitter was hacked for Solana meme coin promotion.
  • Celebrities are highly targeted in pump-and-dump crypto scams.

In a recent wave of high-profile hacks, American rapper and singer Doja Cat’s Twitter account was hacked to promote a Solana-based meme coin. The hack began at 7:15 PM ET on Monday, with the account’s profile picture and description removed. And over two dozen tweets posted, urging followers to “buy DOJA or else..” 

Meanwhile, Doja Cat quickly clarified to her 24 million Instagram followers that she was not responsible for the posts.

This incident highlights the increasing trend of hackers targeting celebrities to share pump-and-dump crypto scams. Notably, Doja Cat had announced a social media hiatus in March due to mental health concerns from public criticism.

The hacker’s posts also targeted other celebrities, including Iggy Azalea, who has actively promoted her MOTHER meme coin. Azalea, responding to the hack, tweeted her disapproval and support for Doja Cat. She declared, “You can mess around if you want, but I know and respect her, so you’re messing with that tweet, hackers.”

Is Solana Home For Celebrity Shillings?

The hacks are part of a larger pattern, with recent incidents involving the Twitter accounts of former wrestling star Hulk Hogan, rapper 50 Cent, and heavy metal band Metallica, all used to promote Solana-based meme coins. 

Amid these incidents, high-profile figures in crypto believe the SEC will soon target celebrities promoting Solana-based meme coins. It will be on potentially violating securities laws.

Along with Iggy, US-based public figures, including Caitlyn Jenner, and Jason Derulo, have launched and promoted crypto tokens using their likeness since late May.

These attacks underscore the need for heightened security measures on social media platforms. It is to protect high-profile accounts from such fraudulent activities.

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