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Andrew Tate’s DADDY and Iggy’s MOTHER Intensify Solana Memecoin Wars

Andrew Tate Daddy Altcoin News
  • Andrew Tate’s DADDY surpassed MOTHER in market price this week. 
  • Currently, the memecoin holds a liquidity of over $2.56M.

The celebrity memecoin frenzy has become the talk of the community, as popular personalities stage their artistic disputes into the crypto sector. The famed media personality Andrew Tate launched a memecoin named DADDY on June 11. This is the latest addition to celebrity memecoin shilling on the Solana blockchain. 

Notably, the token is believed to be a direct competition to Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER. Tate’s token on introduction, witnessed notable upward price movements. It drew market attention by surpassing MOTHER within a short span of its launch. 

DADDY, at the time of writing, was trading at $0.2648, with a daily trading volume of $52.69 million according to TradingView data. The token on its launch was trading at the $0.0100 level, before witnessing gains. Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER token has witnessed a sharp decline of 12.09% in the past 24 hours. 

Over the past month, multiple prominent individuals have experimented with memecoins on the memecoin launch tool. The recent battle between Iggy Azalea and Andrew Tate has caused waves across the sector and is drawing increasing attention to Solana. 

The increasing traction in the Solana ecosystem has seen curious manifestations. Famed rapper Lil Pump to get a ‘Solana’ tattoo on his forehead according to his recent X post. 

Andrew Tate’s DADDY Detects Insider Trading

According to lookonchain reports, an insider exchanged SOL for Tate’s DADDY before the pro-boxer began promoting it. The trader spent 13.2 SOL worth $1,950 approximately to buy 29.8 million DADDY memecoins on Tuesday and has seen a profit of 2875%. 

Moreover, he sold a small portion of DADDY and accumulated the rest in an address by the name “DpL2Tm”. On Thursday, after the price surge, the insider sold 15.9 million and earned 11,752 SOL, worth $1.74 million approximately in return. He currently holds 14.7 million DADDY tokens along with a profit of $5.6 million. 

Amidst such instances, Tate and Azalea’s dispute has raised speculations of underlying intentions. Are the celebrities’ token clashes and betting combats transforming the memecoin landscape? 

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