Dogecoin Billy Markus Thrashes for Hacks!

Crypto Money Laundering on the Rise as per Recent Report
  • suffered a hack on January 17, 2022.
  • Officially declares no funds were lost.
  • DOGE founder Billy Markus thrashes being irresponsible for the hacks occurred.

Seems there never goes a day without a hack or a scam upon the crypto industry! And so true to the fact, the global crypto exchange, became a victim of several continuous hacks on morning hours of January 17, 2022. In spite of this, the Dogecoin (DOGE) co-founder, Billy Markus took to twitter completely thrahsing to the fullest extent. Accordingly, Billy Markus terms that has been quite lethargic. 

The Hack Upon

On the early morning hours of January 17, 2022, the crypto exchange platform witnessed several continuous malicious activities prevailing on various wallet accounts. With more profuse investigations, it’s been confirmed that several wallets have been hacked anonymously. 

In spite of this, took on to Twitter, posting a tweet to reveal the hack attack officially. According to the tweet, declares that it has received complaints regarding several suspicious activities upon the platform’s few wallets. Moreover, termed that in spite of this, they will be stopping all transactions temporarily, for furthermore investigations. 

In addition, assured that all the funds were safe and not to worry. However, a crypto investor and wallet holder going by the name Ben Baller, commented upon the tweet that his wallet has lost 4.28 Ethereum (ETH). Also, he questioned why they didn’t answer his query mails previously. Ben Baller also questioned how the hackers have gone past the two-factor authentication security protocols!

DOGE Billy Markus’s Thrashings

As the news took on fire, the co-founder of DOGE, Billy Markus tweets that he witnesses certain suspicious activities on a hot wallet. Furthermore, he exclaims upon the tweet that multiple transactions have taken place, with an overall withdrawal of 3 to 4 ETH approximately. 

In addition, Billy Markus tweets that such a hack past the security protocols is completely the lack and lethargicness of 

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