Matt Damon’s AD Criticized Explicitly!

Matt Damon’s AD Criticized Explicitly!
  • Matt Damon’s commercial for thrashed by all.
  • Many proclaim the project to be a scam.
  • Still hatred for crypto persists throughout.

Despite the cryptocurrency being in play for almost two decades since it’s very start, negative criticisms still surround the industry including the Bitcoin (BTC) vividly. The crypto industry has come up a long way though, with numerous successful surpasses. 

Slowly, rather than at a fast pace actually in recent years, the crypto industry along with the blockchain technology is evidently engulfing the entire world. Now, it’s such that be it any industry, adopting itself with the blockchain technology is now a vital part for any company from any industry to make its way towards the future.

 However, many skeptics still remain against the crypto industry. As an example, a recent advertisement commercial of, by Matt Damon has been put on with extreme criticisms.

Matt Damon’s Commercial

A recent commercial advertisement for (CRO), is being bombarded vividly by crypto skeptics all over the world. The commercial stars Matt Damon, doing a random walk, passing by various scenes throughout history.

 Firstly, Matt Damon passes by new world discoverers like Christopher Colombus, then a guy peaking all the way to the top of Mount Everest. Furthermore, Matt passes by technology innovators, like the Wright Brothers, astronauts and even a couple making out at a club. All these symbolizes the crypto investors to such people with great determination, views, aims, and even people with normal lives too. 

Finally, promoting investing into the cryptocurrency through the exchange,

The Criticisms 

The criticisms started off with one of the most crypto thrashers from the Financial Times, Jemina Kelly. She terms that the advertisement is completely ‘grotesque’. Following Jemina Kelly, the American news website, the Daily Beast states that the commercial is quite embarrassing , as it promotes evident cashings. 

Amongst all of them, the worst criticism of all is by the journalist from The Guardian, Carole Cadwalladr’s tweet. She openly stated that Matt Damon coming forward to promote such a ponzi scheme would be the worst and most disgusting thing in the world. All this is quite the fact that the exchange surrounds with a massive negative aura terming the project to be a scam and a ponzi scheme. 

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