Do Kwon & Increasing Allegations on Him

Do Kwon & Increasing Allegations on Him
  • An unknown wallet holding 20M LUNA is accounted to be Kwon’s.
  • Terra Revival Plan voting poll seems to have been compromised.

The allegations on Do Kwon seem to be never-ending, $80M transfer to a secret wallet, $2.7B cash out, blockchain halt planning, stablecoin recursion, and much more. The recent clarification from his side on 12th June didn’t stop the finger-pointing. 

The famous anonymous Terra community delegate FatMan has tweeted stating a claim on Terra CEO. The claim is made regarding the mystery wallet that is considerably holding 20 million LUNA below to Do Kwon himself. The wallet said to be Kwon’s has also made proposals in the past for Mainnet upgradation, insider trading in ASTRO, and also delegating North Star.

The triggering point in this claim is the supporting vote this account made during Kwon’s proposal. The Terra Revival Plan has seemed to have undergone some ballot rigging, to get implemented.

Voting Stats of Terra 2.0 (Source: TFL)

Do Kwon’s Transparency

The ‘Luna’tic community has already been confused about their management and official’s openness during and after the historical crash. Now the follow-up allegations are making it harder for them.

Though Kwon affirmed that all the claims being dumped on him were baseless and requested only to pass on information that is proven and valid. As the added-on misinfo can fuel the pain of the Terra victims.

Contradictingly, FatMan makes a statement as Kwon using the community support for his own good and has always been perfidious. The TFL was set to have no part in voting or airdrop, but these allegations picturates something else. 

Apart from all these, Terra CEO is also under many legal complications like SEC’s money laundering accusation, the South Korean government’s taxation constricts, etc. And he also had to undergo personal attacks from frustrated traders who had to undergo great loss. 

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