Decentralized Balancer Protocol Partners With WallStreetBelts

Balancer Decentralized Protocol Partners With WallStreetBelts

As the crypto industry is growing mature in the marketplace it is grabbing the interests of larger users with its digital power. Slowly crypto adoption is taking place and still many investors and users are following the traditional trading platforms. Thus, in order to recreate those native investing systems, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enters into the frame. 

So, to increase the crypto exposure to all the traditional investors, two decentralized firms joined together for a recreation. Balancer, an automated DeFi protocol, officially signs a strategic partnership with WSBDApp’s. The main aim of this integration is to offer the crypto-native investors to experience the DeFi investing system.

Strategic Integration for traditional Investors

Balancer protocol is a trading platform built with a DeFi infrastructure which enables anyone to create or add crypto liquidity to customized pools and collects fees from the traders. This automatic pool was initially built on Ethereum and created an ETP metaphor to work with this design. 

Further, the WallStreetBelts is also a decentralized blockchain App with Exchange-Traded Portfolios (ETP). Now the merging with Balancer pool enables this ETP to be launched on  Balancer V2 to provide the DeFi innovation to the investors. Thus, it helps the native investors to access a new phase of lending, borrowing, and trading methods without any restrictions. 

However, greeting the Balancer protocol for the partnership, WSBDApps comments, 

“The WSBDApps is launching a community-selective basket of stablecoins backed by fiat money like the US dollar, as well as tokenized commodities and cryptocurrencies like Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), and others.”

Also, the WallStreetBelts community plans to bring new features with tools like  ETP’s it adds. Through this, it can display to the entire world how the financial market should be maintained. 

More so, this partnership now enables the users to link their WSBDApps wallets to a rebalanced portfolio via Balancer protocol. Thus, after connecting the users can use the fiat currencies to buy the assets in the market. 

In February, Balancer pool partnered with Aave to develop the first asset manager for the Balancer V2. Additionally, it also joined with Algorand blockchain to gain popularity beyond Ethereum through its DeFi space.

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