DDoS Attack Yet Again Strikes Popular Move-to-Earn App STEPN

  • A “move-to-earn” app, Stepn rewards users for getting outside and exercising.
  • Some gamers on STEPN have been caught employing bots and GPS spoofing.

To make matters worse, this is the third time in as many months that the popular crypto app STEPN, which makes use of Solana NFTs, has been subjected to a DDoS assault. STEPN’s developers were still trying to address the problem, as mentioned on their Twitter page, according to the app.

25 Million DDoS Attempts

Those who run the game tweeted Sunday that they had been the target of “several DDOS assaults” in the last few hours. One to 12 hours may be required for the servers to be secured and recovered as per the tweet.

After being subjected to 25 million DDoS attempts quickly, the game’s players were informed yesterday that the game was suffering “network congestion.” In a DDoS attack, malevolent actors attempt to put a website to a halt by sending an excessive amount of traffic its way. In the crypto industry, these kinds of assaults are a typical occurrence. A “move-to-earn” app, STEPN rewards users for getting outside and exercising. Players must purchase Solana-based NFT (non-fungible token) footwear to participate in the game.

Sceptics were correct, and it seems when they predicted the eventual demise of play-to-earn blockchain games after the sad events that followed STEPN. On the 4th of June, STEPN notified its players through a Twitter thread that the gaming platform has implemented an “Anti-Cheating” infrastructure. Blockchain games with a play-to-earn business model have a massive challenge as the number of players grows. Some gamers on STEPN have been caught employing bots and GPS spoofing to artificially exaggerate the number of tokens they earn while using the app.

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