Solana (SOL)

AAX Experiences 140% Surges in Q4 of 2021

AAX exchange witnesses 140% surges in trading volume in Q4 of 2021. Q4 AAX has received more than 200K new

3 weeks ago 3 mins read

Cardano (ADA)-The Best Crypto of 2022?

Cardano (ADA) has numerous development launches all prepared for 2022. Cardano’s Layer2 solution- Hydra all set to launch in 2022.

3 weeks ago 2 mins read

Solana (SOL) Price Stumbles as Selling Pressure Continues to Rise

Solana’s price might fall much further if the selling pressure continues. Solana has been down 3.34% in the last 24

4 weeks ago 2 mins read

New Analysis Predicts Solana (SOL) to Hit $600 by 2022

A new price discovery wave for the fourth crypto asset is underway. Solana’s recent dip may be a bullish sign.

1 month ago 2 mins read

Top 6 Cryptos with Highest Price Surge for Year End

ProfitsBoogie tweets the end of year prices for several cryptos. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to reach $75k and $6.5k

2 months ago 2 mins read

Ethereum Killers Have Helped the Ecosystem Prosper! Find out how!

Total value locked (TVL) is one indicator of DeFi demand. Ethereum now has $180 billion in DeFi TVL. When it

2 months ago 2 mins read

4 Cryptos that Outperformed Solana (SOL) in 2021

Solana (SOL) performance for the year 2021 was not so remarkable as others. Axie Infinity (AXS) tops by gains of

2 months ago 2 mins read

Solana (SOL) Price Rally Weakens, Might Test Resistance at $200!

Solana’s price violated the uptrend line around $230. The price must hold around $202, or it will fall below $190.

2 months ago 2 mins read

Is XRP Eyeing $2 By the End of October?

XRP rises upto 10.34% highest in the past 24 hours. XRP’s current market shows complete bullish trends. Analysts predict XRP

4 months ago 3 mins read

Solana’s Growth Has Been on a Rise, but There’s a Catch!

Solana’s DeFi projects surpassed $3 billion.  SOL’s NFT market value reached $1 billion. It was a thrilling and nerve-wracking quarter

4 months ago 3 mins read