Current Crypto Spotlights: GALA, ADA, SYS

Current Crypto Spotlights: GALA, ADA, SYS

As cryptocurrencies are the trend globally, many coins have popped up with specific features and developments. The technology that every network utilizes has gained the attention of investors to invest in their tokens. Similarly, this has become a routine for developers and investors to check out the trading chart of cryptos regularly.

Considering the impeccable growth of digital-assets, the market has witnessed a great transformation within the past few years. Despite the fact that the market is unsteady now, many altcoins have surged in price and have been highlighted in the list of cryptocurrencies. Witnessing new coins every week is flawless and the count of crypto-assets is increasing everyday. According to CoinMarketCap, the trending cryptocurrencies have been listed which are GALA, ADA, SYS.

Trending Cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap

As a matter of fact, Cardano has been in the spotlight for the past few days and surged in price value even when the market went down. The current trending coins are Gala, Cardano, and Syscoin which have covered the eyes of the investors. Let’s dip into the developments of these trending coins.

The first trending token on the list is Gala and its current trading price is $0.048 with a trading volume of $267,239,185 in the last 24-hours. The Gala Games ecosystem’s digital utility token is the GALA token. It is highly secured and a part of the Gala Games ecosystem. GALA can be transferred between users, and they have complete control over how they use it. Significantly, GALA is built on the Ethereum blockchain and complies with the ERC-20 protocol.

The second top trending token in the market is Cardano (ADA). The current trading price of Cardano (ADA) is $2.40 with a trading volume of $4,253,361,051 in the past 24-hours. We all know that ADA was the talk of the town for the past few days and it was one among the mainstream cryptocurrencies which surged in value. Moreover, Cardano has the potential to reach more highs when considering its on-going developments and launch of smart contracts.

The third top trending token on the list is Syscoin (SYS). The current trading price of SYS is $0.28 with a trading volume of $7,081,248 for the last 24-hours. Syscoin is a blockchain-based decentralized global network that seeks to engage as a fully decentralized marketplace. Syscoin provides quick, low-cost tokens, assets, and NFTs that are protected by Bitcoin’s own hash-power, decentralized consensus-model, and censorship resistance.

The popularity that cryptocurrencies have gained in the market is the most important phenomena in this financial world. The transformation using blockchain technology has paved the way for a series of projects to be integrated into the crypto market. However, if this popularity trend continues then it will be the future of the financial sector.

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