Cudos Signs a Deal with Upcoming TV series HODL and New Fan token Sator

Cudos Signs a Deal with Upcoming TV series HODL and New Fan token Sator

Cudos has joined hands with HODL, a new TV comedy series airing in 2022. The Cudos company has also signed a deal with Sator, a new fan engagement token wish is set to launch in August 2021.

Cudos Network is a decentralized cloud computing platform, signs an agreement with HODL. HODL is an upcoming TV comedy series that is crypto-related along with a new fan engagement token, Sator.

HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) is a scripted comedy series about cryptocurrency that will be released next year. It follows the journey of two aspiring entrepreneurs as they battle against all probability to launch the ICO of their Aveer token, named after a lost friend.

Significantly, Cudos has spent years on its development and expands its computer power with cloud servers, gamers, and miners. The firm uses its computing power in exchanges for payments in different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XMR, and ALGO.

As a matter of fact, blockchain is mostly preferable for its security and efficiency purposes. Similarly, many industries are wanting to use this blockchain technology for its specific features but they are not yet affordable. When it comes to the movie-industry, then they require massive CPU and GPU-rich server farms to deliver the blockbusters in Hollywood. 

Consequently, the cost spent to maintain or purchase and manage the environments with these units results in using hyperscale-clouds instead. As a result, the industries spend on hyperscale services rather than small cloud services.

HODL Will Promote Cudo-Miner

The agreement states that Cudos will promote Cudo Miner in between the episodes of the show ‘HODL ‘. Moreover, the firm will give Sator to their subscribers, where Sator is a fan-token set to launch in August 2021. 

Additionally, the users of HODL can download Cudo Miner and earn Sator by lending their computational-power to the Cudos Network. Besides, the Executive Producer and Writer of HODL, Chris Martin states:

“Given the authenticity of our show, we are thrilled to include Cudo. HODL reflects real-world crypto life, with all of its drama and comedy. This stuff comes to me. Including real crypto brands, such as Cudo, enriches the show’s tapestry and truth,”

Furthermore, Cudos has made an impression as a decentralized cloud computing platform that is open to all. With its entry into the film industry, it has created a link between blockchain and computing power platforms. This allows Sator to gain users and viewers for the show, and as a result, HODL users earn rewards and NFTs. 

The concept of this innovation is profitable for both sides. With this newly signed agreement, Cudos will provide the network technology to assist HODL in rewarding viewers for watching the show. To witness the success, users have to wait and watch until the show airs as it is Hollywood which will be worth the time.

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