CryptoQuant CEO Claims ETH Will Excel BTC

CryptoQuant CEO Claims ETH Will Excel BTC

Again it’s nothing but the same old wine in a new bottle! And yes, so far it’s nothing new with people coming forth and putting their opinions on how Ethereum (ETH) will surpass the king of cryptos, the Bitcoin (BTC). As a crypto writer for myself, I have written numerous articles depicting the same strategy. And so, what differs for this time is how the CEO of CryptoQuant terms this statement and how the CEO justifies the fact that ETH will go past BTC. Also, this one is nothing upon my own personal views as before though, but yet, of course, I too go with the fact, however! 

The CEO’s Depiction

The CryptoQuant is a prolific crypto data platform, which consists of all sorts of crypto data for trading efficiently. Moreover, it also features on-chain data analytics, all sorts of indicators including short-term and long-term depictors too. In addition, they are instantaneous on all sorts of news throughout.

In spite of this, words and predictions from the CEO of such a firm are something which everyone should obviously take note of. Accordingly, the CEO of CryptoQuant, Ki-Young Ju, puts forth his views stating that Ethereum (ETH) will surpass Bitcoin (BTC) very soon. In addition, he insists that all the possibilities for such an event are increasing every day. Also, he predicts that ETH will reach its all-time high in a much shorter period compared to that of BTC. 

Moreover, he claims that this will be a vital factor where ETH will establish its supremacy over BTC evidently. On the other hand, yes whatever the CEO exclaims is in parallel with the actual performance of ETH upon the market. Accordingly, the recent growth and charts of ETH subjects indicate the same.  

The CEO’s Justifications

In spite of making such bold comments, the CEO justifies by bringing out many major and eye-raising points too. Accordingly, the supply of ETH is rather either increasing suddenly or decreasing suddenly creating a supply shock. Also, this supply shock makes the price of ETH vary on a standardized basis when compared to that of the BTC. 

On the other hand, BTC’s decreasing supply has raised its price many times. Yet, this makes the crowd move over to the next major player the ETH which foresees a brighter future owing to much increase in its supply compared to that of BTC. 

In spite of all this, as the price of BTC slowly tends to rather progress down than to spiking up, ETH tends to steadily spike up proficiently. 

 Furthermore, the epic reason being ETH support to massive DeFi, DApps, blockchain extension services, and smart contracts support upon the platform acts as the vital platform mover. In addition, the recent ETH 2.0 introduction will also increase the traffic towards the platform massively. Also, it’s predicted that ETH will be touching up to $10K very soon.

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