Crypto Security Firm ‘Casa’ Adds Support For Ethereum

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  • Casa provides a user-friendly security architecture for self-custodial crypto wallets.
  • As of now, Casa provides a free-to-use Casa Wallet app for retail Bitcoin holders.

Casa, a business that provides security services for Bitcoin, stated on Wednesday that it will soon begin offering the same solutions for Ethereum and assets built on top of it. According to a statement released by Casa, the firm will begin rolling out Ethereum compatibility to users in January. Casa provides a user-friendly security architecture for keeping self-custodial crypto wallets.

CEO Nick Neuman and prominent Bitcoin supporter Jameson Lopp established the firm in 2018, and at first, it focused only on Bitcoin security. According to Neuman, the business added support for Ethereum in response to a flood of requests from current customers.

Neuman stated:

“We’ve continued to have our members ask us for Ethereum support over the last two years, to a point where it became very clear to us that this was a huge need not just for our customers, but also for the broader community.”

Wakeup Call For All Crypto Holders

Casa’s management first doubted Ethereum’s ability to remain competitive in the cryptocurrency market. However, Neuman acknowledged, a lot has changed since 2018.

Casa provides a free-to-use Casa Wallet app for retail Bitcoin holders, and a new, updated version of the programme will arrive in January with both Bitcoin and Ethereum compatibility. In addition, the company provides higher-tier security services for a fee to those who have a greater financial investment, and in 2023, the company plans to provide new membership levels.

Casa’s goals are predicated on clients keeping possession of their own private keys to their cryptocurrency. Neuman is confident that recent events will act as a wake-up call for all crypto holders, tech-savvy and ordinary investors alike.

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