Crypto Investors Enjoy New Spot Trading Pairs on BitYard

Crypto Investors Enjoy New Spot Trading Pairs on BitYard

Crypto industry has become more popular and is a recent trend in the marketplace. Through its digital assets and services the market is attracting many investors into the crypto space. Besides, the crypto industry is expanding its circle by releasing and listing new coins and trading pairs seeking the attention of the investors. 

BitYard, the world’s leading crypto exchange contracts in Singapore recently announced the listing of new spot trading pairs. All users are now eligible to enjoy trading the new pairs and can find their favorite coins. The exchange has listed additional 50 new cryptocurrency spot pairs including altcoins to fix the market demand. 

New Crypto trading pairs

At present, the crypto market is resulting in a high trading volume with valuable cryptocurrency assets in recent weeks. Moreover, the new popular spot trading pairs are, (Rose)/Tether (USDT), NuCypher (NU)/Tether (USDT), Orchid (OXT)/Tether (USDT). Also, the users on Oasis network can enjoy these trading pairs along with additional coin pairs. 

Also, the investors can safely deposit their assets in Tether (USDT) and can buy different crypto coins. Besides, all the crypto loving investors from worldwide can trade the top ranking digital currencies. Yes, they can trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) including other altcoins in the BitYard exchange. 

More so, the growth of BitYard crypto exchange is massive as it initially started listing 30 cryptocurrency pairs. At present, the exchange has potential in attracting a large number of crypto users through its listing strategy. Notably, BitYard listed more than 150 trading pairs and c continues the process for the users to enjoy and trade their favorite coins. 

BitYard Overview

BitYard is one of the safe and simple trading platforms which brings in innovative plans only for its customers. Significantly, the crypto exchange is super secure, offers fast trading services in a very simple way. BitYard always provides an easy and an elegant way of trading experiences to its crypto loving customers. 

Importantly, the two main reasons to choose BitYard is for its safe and convenient deposit method. Another for its complex contract trading services which helped to increase the user strength in the market. This deposit method is very easy and offers chances for global investors to experience the crypto market. 

Thus, BitYard is planning to develop its deposit system which enables all the users to trade with local fiat currencies. As per the contract trading services, BitYard provides a Contract for Differences (CFD) trading services. This helps the users to trade and invest their assets in different ways. 

However, BitYard continues to serve the crypto users and the market through listing new popular pairs. Thus, with this crypto enthusiasts can enjoy trading their own favorite coins in the simplified crypto exchange.

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