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Crypto Hungry? Get Your DOGE Hot Dogs Now!

Crypto Hungry? Get Your DOGE Hot Dogs Now! Altcoin News

No one American could forget the ever famous Oscar Mayer hot dogs or its jingle too. The solid American cold meat producer which is now part of America’s largest food chain brand Kraft Heinz, now takes it’s shot with the help of the meme-based altcoin, the Dogecoin (DOGE) in a bid just for a good deed charity.

The Hot DOGE Wieners

Oscar Mayer has now come up with a completely new brand of hot dogs, named the ‘Hot DOGE Wieners’. These new hot dog wieners are based upon the ever famous meme-based cryptocurrency the Dogecoin (DOGE).

 In addition, it features the much-celebrated Doge-doggy picture upon its covers. Also, this pack of hot dogs will be a limited edition, with highly speculative only one pack to be ever produced.

Besides, this pack of hot DOGE wieners is initially priced at about 10,000 dogecoins! Also, this was put forth by Oscar Mayer themselves upon their official Twitter page as a tweet

Furthermore, this special pack of hot DOGE wieners is priced at about 10,000 dogecoins, which approximates to about $2000. In addition, the only way to buy it is upon a bid. Also, this bid is for raising funds that go towards the food bank and hunger relief organization Feeding America. 

Moreover, the bid is still on the go and will continue till Saturday, 9 AM PST. However, it has received over 85 bids so far and is expected to further increase. 

In spite of all this, Oscar Mayer has changed their Twitter profile picture to DOGE’s theme with a Shiba In dog picture. 

The Food Chains and DOGE

With Dogecoin’s profuse rise, many food brands have planned to make use of their brand image thereby promoting themselves too. 

Accordingly,  most food brands are using Dogecoin as a weapon to promote themselves throughout social media.

The snack food company Slim Jim has launched a series of collectible non-fungible tokens (NFT) based upon DOGE.

 Also, Burger King in Brazil is accepting DOGE as a means of payment for its products. In addition, they have also introduced a particular dog food based on DOGE. 

Moreover, other brands like Snickers and Milky Way have acknowledged DOGE upon their tweets too. 

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