Crypto Donations Percentage Skyrocketed Nearly 16x in 2021

Crypto Donation Percentage Skyrocketed Nearly 16x in 2021
  • Crypto Donations of 2021 turned out to be the biggest year. 
  • The volume spiked to $69.6 million or nearly 16x in the same time. 
  • The average crypto donation size was 82x larger than an average cash donation. 

A report released from The Giving Block surprised the entire market. Thereby revealing the overall volume of crypto donations in the year 2021. Interestingly, the volume spiked nearly up-to 16 times, estimating around $69.6 million. Over the same period, there was a hike of  1,558%, marking 2021 as the philanthropic year for the crypto industry.

As per the record, the crypto donations volume in 2020 was just $4.2 million.  And remarkably the volume bursted into 16x in the year 2021. More so, it’s not only about the increase in volume but surprisingly the average size of each donation also spiked by 236% to $10,455.

2021 – Year of Crypto Philanthropy

Furthermore, right from January till December, the crypto donations were in rotation where several crypto donors were contributing in the entire year. In addition, the data holds a variety of interesting facts about the crypto donors involved in the donation process. Notably, the last four months of the year stood prominent, recording a high number of donations in 2021. 

Additionally, the count of donations vary depending on each month, where January recorded a overall volume of $300K. On the other hand, the month of December scored a high volume surpassing nearly $20,000K. Thus, the overall report shares, 42% of the entire crypto donations volume came almost in November and December of 2021. 

However, the most donated crypto asset was not Bitcoin (BTC) as expected. But it turned out to be Ethereum (ETH) with over $30M in donations. Following stand BTC with a volume of over $25 million and other stablecoins like USDC at $2.2 million and DAI at $1.4 million. 

Thus, the last 2 months of the year stands out to be highlighted, as it received about 50% of the $69 million respectively. Besides these donations of cryptocurrencies, there were some NFT donations as well. As NFT marketplace marked its milestone recording a boom in the great year 2021. 

However, as Ethereum was the highest donated crypto assets of the year 2021 is because of its innovative plans of representing DeFi and NFT services to the people connected in the crypto world. More so, Ethereum is the first smart contract, potentially hosting more than 500 DeFi protocols witnessing over $17 billion in NFT sales. 

Hence, Ethereum stands out of the crowd marking a great achievement naturally competing over Bitcoin in the crypto space. Thus, ETH will continue to excel further with its upcoming developments in the market. 

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