Crypto Crash Leads Liquidation Following Market Cap Fall

Crypto Crash Leads Liquidation Following Market Cap Fall
  • The liquidation rate has been $ 904.64 M in the last 24 hrs.
  • 19.6 K BTC was liquidated which values around 430 M.

The number of traders involved in liquidation has increased exponentially in this bear market situation. The long-term traders have also seemed to have lost hope in crypto. In the last 24 hrs, the liquidation has been up to $904.64 M, as per coinglass.

Total Crypto Market Cap ( Source: Trading View)

The market capitalization has decreased by around 3 billion in the last 10 days. At the start of the month, the market cap was around 1290 billion and the present-day cap is 901 billion. This shows the attitude among the investors about the lack of trust.

Prominent Coins Liquidation Rate

At the start of the market crash, only amateur traders were expected to liquid out the funds in their holds. And the professional/ institutional traders had confidence in the bounce-back strategy. They were anticipated to pour down support, which is not the situation now, as we can see the movement of capital between wallets and liquid pools.

At press time, the liquidation of some major coins in the last 24hr are as follows:

CoinNumber (approax)Value (in USD)
GMT 9.96M6.24M
Liquidation Table

Around 265K traders have walked out as of today from the cryptomarket with $1.26 Billion in funds total. Also the fear and greed index has reached the single digit value again.

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