Activates Addresses, Adds Another Security Protocol

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  • activates back the addresses.
  • New security protocol added over the previous 2FA.
  • Introduces a time wait of 24 hours for new whitelisting and it’s first withdrawal.

Ever since the continuous hacks took place upon the platform, the team immediately set towards the rectification of the issues. Usually, in such cases, detailed investigations followed by an analysis of the hack points and identification followed by rectification of the vital entry node points and then finally increasing the security barriers. This tends to be the usual protocol when it comes to cyber crimes and crypto hacks. 

However, without any of these or to the least without any official revelations regarding all the above, directly jumped to the last. The Co-founder of tweets officially regarding their new 3rd layer security strategy.

3rd Layer of Security Tweet

Though not a huge deal of money or Ethereum (ETH) has been hacked, the January 17, 2022 hack upon the platform spread like hot fire. In spite of this, the team from immediately announced the stopping of all transactions and new address listings temporarily. 

And so just a few hours before the time of writing, the co-founder of, Kris Marszalek, took to Twitter, to officially confirm the re-activation of the new addresses whitelisting. 

Accordingly, the co-founder officially says that the new address enabling has been reactivated. In addition to this, Kris added one more surprise, that an extra security layer [protocol has been added. Therefore, now, consists of 3 security layers. 

Moreover, this new security feature is nothing but a delay time period of 24 hours between adding a new address and the first withdrawal or transaction to it. This waiting of 24 hours, has indeed created wide speculation among the people. 

Seemingly, the majority of the users do agree that this could indeed be the best way to mitigate against such anonymous hacks. Even many took to Twitter to appreciate’s new security protocols. Though, still, some are quite left with disappointment in the case with the wait for 24 hours. 

However, it’s indeed better to wait for 24 hours, rather than to lose money, right?

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