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Court in Colombia Conducts Hearing in Metaverse Employing Horizon Worlds

  •  Judge Mara Victoria Quiones Triana, employed Horizon Worlds technology offered by Meta.
  • The 2.5k persons who participated in the audience via Youtube had varying viewpoints.

As far as we can tell, a Colombian court created legal history by conducting one of the first judicial proceedings in the nation in the metaverse. The hearing, took place on February 15. And was pushed by Magdalena court judge Mara Victoria Quiones Triana. It employed Horizon Worlds technology offered by Meta to create the impression of a single virtual location. The court portrayed the parties involved in the case using animated characters.

Moreover, Quiones said that one of the most important steps in the metaverse was sending verification numbers to the emails associated with each party. As a means of establishing that they were who they said they were.

Quiones made the following comment on the relevance of this technology to the court system:

“The metaverse constitutes a technological tool that can facilitate access to the administration of justice. The use of information technology in the development of judicial proceedings has the essential purpose of facilitating and expediting these processes.”

Varying Viewpoints

Even though there were no hiccups throughout the hearing, the 2,500 persons who participated in the public audience via Youtube had varying viewpoints on the usefulness of the metaverse in this context. Several people approved of the move, although others said there was no benefit over video-based sessions. One argument against this kind of virtual procedure is that, since it uses metaverse avatars rather than the actual video, it is impossible to analyze the psychological features of the participants.

One participant suggested increasing the frequency with which metaverse audiences are employed because of the time and money savings they provide compared to traditional hearings for residents who may live a long way from the courthouse.

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