Mon, June 24

Core DAO Reveals the Distribution of $CORE Tokens

Blockchain News
  • EVM-compatible blockchain Core DAO is now live.
  • Core DAO utilizes Satoshi Plus consensus.

For the first time in history, a new consensus algorithm called “Satoshi Plus”, has been introduced by the Core DAO ($CORE), which launched its mainnet on January 14, 2023. Core DAO is a Turing-complete blockchain that utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Satoshi Plus consensus. That allows Bitcoin’s reliability, decentralization, and security to match Ethereum’s interoperability, composability, and scalability. 

What is Core DAO?

The rollout of the mainnet enables the integration of Proof of Work, Delegated Proof of Stake, and an effective Validator Election Mechanism to combine the fundamental components of the blockchain. Also, the EVM-compatible blockchain is backed by Bitcoin mining hash power with the aim to support the Bitcoin network.

There are now too many obstacles to widespread Web2 user adoption in Web3. But the launch of the Core DAO created a buzz over social media. However, the Core Network will conduct an airdrop in collaboration with Satoshi App. With Satoshi App, users may obtain rewards through a simple interface without requiring payment or exclusive invite-only access.

Further, it has revealed the distribution of $CORE tokens. As the Turing-complete blockchain provides 525,600,000 CORE through the airdrop, or 25.029% of the entire $CORE token supply to the users, as per the original distribution of CORE tokens.

Moreover, the OKX centralized cryptocurrency exchange known as ‘OKEx’ listed Core’s native token $CORE on its spot trading platforms. Following that, the world’s leading crypto exchange Huobi Global announced on January 15 that it would open both spot and grid trading for Core DAO (CORE/USDT).

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