Coinweb and BNB to Fuel Up BMW Providing Blockchain Services

  • Coinweb partners with BMW providing blockchain services.
  • Implements a cross-chain platform system with Binance BNB as the main chain.  
  • Project aims towards bringing better and faster customer services.

As we all know, the past few years has literally been the era of blockchain, and its dominance throughout the world. All the sectors of various industries are incorporating blockchain technology to the most possible regardless of their domain fields. 

It’s clear that blockchain, and its attributes ought to be the future, and so it is indeed mandatory for any industry to incorporate the technology. Hence, there’s no wonder with one of the most prominent luxury motor vehicle company, the BMW incorporates blockchain technology. 

BMW’s Blockchain Gearing up

The Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) has partnered with Coinweb inorder for blockchain services. Coinweb will be implementing all sorts of web-2 based blockchain services which includes a cross-chain integration setup too. 

This project is actually made up of two phases together. The first phase will be implementing blockchain for all sorts of transactions from data to finance and much more. This will enable faster data transfer, and streamline the financial services for BMW. 

The second phase of the project will be a web-3 based interface which is purely towards the customers loyalty programs. Accordingly, customers of BMW could benefit from reward schemes with their continuous usage of the web-3 interface. 

Upon this, all takes place with multiple cross-chains, with Binance, BNB chain as the mainstream chain. With this, the rewards will be of many kinds like discounted and free spares, parts, and also servicings too. 

On the whole, it seems that all the three parties, BMW, Coinweb, and Binance involved will be extremely benefiting from each other. 

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