Thu, June 13

Coinbase’s Upcoming NFT Platform Has 4 Million People on Waitlist

Coinbase Finally Unveils Social NFT Platform For Limited Beta Users Exchange News
  • Using MasterCard to pay for an NFT is one of the options anticipated.
  • NFTs might someday overtake the cryptocurrency market according to Coinbase CEO.

More than 100 content creators have met with Coinbase NFT – the account for Coinbase’s planned NFT marketplace — to collaborate on launching their new NFT marketplace on March 14. Coinbase is a major crypto-exchange platform with a large user base. It’s most popular in the United States. Nearly 90 million distinct accounts are registered on the platform’s official website and many people are eagerly awaiting the debut of Coinbase NFT.

Many new features have been speculated, including some that have never been seen before. Using a MasterCard to pay for an NFT is one of those options. Unfortunately, only Ethereum-based NFTs are supported when the platform becomes live. So even though one won’t need a wallet to store their asset, one will still need a crypto wallet that supports NFTs to keep it safe.

High Anticipation Among Participants

More than 4 million people have signed up for the queue as of right now. Because you’ll be the first to know when it will be released, you’ll be able to view the market before most other people. However, there has been no formal announcement of a launch time. Market participants may expect a slew of new features, including those not yet available on the competition’s platform.

Coinbase’s new “social function” that they believe will be their most distinguishing feature, enabling them to build a community of artists that will develop exponentially. NFTs might someday overtake the cryptocurrency market, according to Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, which is why they’re working on a marketplace that delivers a more immersive experience like Instagram or Facebook.

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