Coinbase to List Gaming Token Voxies (VOXELS) in Upcoming Weeks

  • Adding tokens to roadmap means that the token will be listed in the coming days.
  • The price of the token touched a 3-month high of $0.444 post the announcement.

Coinbase has made a public statement that they would include a new coin in their listing roadmap.  The listing date has not been announced officially, but it is expected to occur within the next several weeks. When a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase adds a token to its “roadmap.” It means that the token will be supported on its platform in the coming days.

The crypto exchange located in California is now in the process of adding the NFT-based crypto game “Voxies” to its list of tradable assets. The project’s native cryptocurrency, VOXELS, is a polygon-based utility token. That can be used to buy things like virtual weaponry and armor.

Retro-styled Tactical Game

Players of Voxies, the blockchain-based role-playing game project, may utilize the VOXEL token in Voxie Tactics to improve their chances of winning in the game. There are now 103M tokens in circulation, however, the value of this digital asset has lately increased significantly due to the announcement. The price of the token touched a 3-month high of $0.444 post the announcement. VOXEL has increased by 13% in the last 24 hours as per data from CMC.

The Voxie Tactics game is a free-to-play, retro-styled, 3D turn-based tactical role-playing game. The designers of this simulated world drew inspiration from the best tactical games of the 1990s and 2000s, updating and improving upon the model with cutting-edge technology and gameplay features. The game’s two primary game modes, Exploration and Battle, both make use of gameplay elements typical of role-playing video games.

Due to the cryptocurrency bear market and the FTX collapse contagion, Coinbase fired 950 people in the starting weeks of January this year.  In June, the company announced a reduction of 1,100 jobs and a hold on further recruitment.

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