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Coinbase Customer Support Multiplies 5 Times to 3,000 Employees in 2021

Coinbase Customer Support Multiplies 5 Times to 3,000 Employees in 2021 Exchange News

Coinbase keeps on employing more support staff, improve and work on its products, and find better approaches to help clients all the more quickly and expertly in the midst of the 2021 crypto blast. 

The stage presently has more than 3,000 people right now dedicated to addressing client inquiries, mirroring a more than fivefold expansion in the support workforce since January, as indicated by the most recent blog entry on

Casper Sorensen, Vice President of Customer Experience, expressed:

“One of the biggest investments we’ve made is in our support staff. We now have more than 3,000 people dedicated to solving customer issues. This represents a more than 5x increase in support staff since January.”

The organization additionally uncovered that it had quite recently taken out its build-up across most lines. It presently has sufficient agent capacity set up to diminish the danger of any future backlogs. Since January, their customer contact rate has dropped by 70% in which during a similar time-frame, its absolute number of verified clients developed from 43 million to 56 million.

Live Help 

The digital exchange brokerage means giving live visits and telephone help to customers. It has effectively started to carry out a virtual assistant to help buyers run the typical issues, while live chat messaging is pipelined for the near future. 

Also, Coinbase plans to give live telephone help in upcoming months to assist shoppers with an assortment of concerns, including account security.

Besides, Coinbase is building up a telephone support staff to walk clients through the cycles needed to quickly lock down accounts and recover access to shield their records against Account Take-Overs, regularly known as “ATOs.”

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