Bitfarms, Bill Miller and Much More, Fight for Acquiring Most BTC Amidst Low Prices

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  • Bitfarms stocks up 1000 more BTC.
  • Bitfarms pose a total of 4300 BTC now.
  • Bill Muller buys BTCs, now 50% of his total assets are in BTC.

With the market remaining down subsequently for the fourth day so far, the market crash continues to go on further. In spite of this, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is down furthermore. Currently the price of BTC stands at an extreme low of $41,602.32, with the graphs down at 1.06% for the past 24 hours into consideration. In addition, it’s highly expected that BTC will touch down back to the $40K price range. 

However, such a down market didn’t stop it’s buying power though. BTC has been on demand and selling like hot cakes since the market crash. Amidst this many investors, crypto firms and even individuals seek this as the perfect buying time for BTCs. Accordingly they indulge in a vast feast upon acquiring as much as BTCs possible at such lows!

Bitfarms 1000 More BTC Purchase

Bitfarm is a global crypto and BTC mining firm, based in Canada. Apart from mining, Bitfarm also indulges in providing blockchain technology services and many more attributes of the crypto industry. With the price of BTC being low, Bitfarm indulged itself into BTC shopping effortlessly.

Accordingly, Bitfarm took to Twitter, posting a tweet stating that they have acquired 30% more BTCs than before. Accordingly, Bitfarm has now bought 1000 BTCs, in the first week of January, 2022. This amounts to about a whopping $43 million. In spite of this, the news is official that Bitfarms now has 4,300 BTCs stocked up.

Moreover, the founder and CEO of Bitfarms, Emiliano Grodzki terms that, with such low prices, this is the best time to push money into BTC, and so they have purchased so. 

Bill Miller’s 50% Assets in BTC

Another, one such to hook up as much as BTC as one could is none other than the profuse American investor, Bill Miller. After a grand buying upon the current market crash, now Bill Miller’s overall assets are 50% completely into BTC. Apart from many of his investments into crypto firms like MicroStrategy and much more, Miller terms himself as just a mere ‘Bitcoin watcher’. 

However, being so optimistic on BTC, he previously bought BTC in 2014. Since then, Miller bought BTC only in 2021. In spite of this, Bill Miller indeed acknowledges investors and even individuals to invest at least 1% of their net worth into BTC.

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